551. Jungle Mansions 1-bedroom houses and apartments from 25 thousand

Basic data

District: Ao Nang
Type of housing: house
Distance to sea: by transport
Number of bedrooms: 1, bathrooms: 1
Rental price, baht / month: 25000
Contact host: 075695405, 0899714154 http://jungle-village.com

Pool: shared
Air conditioning: yes
Household appliances: fan, TV, gas stove, kettle, microwave


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Complex bungalow for rent and houses under longstaynear the race of Aonang. It is possible to walk to Tesco in 20 minutes on foot, to the beach on a bike for 5-10 minutes. They have their own free shuttle (tuk-tuk) to the beach, runs until 18 in the evening.

Territory groomed, with swimming pool, fenceda fence. All beautiful, as befits a resort. Houses under the longsts are separate, but not far from the hotel restaurant and the hotel area (the photo shows two different entrances to two territories). Since the equipment of the houses is good, everything is modern and clean, very often everything is occupied here, so you can not count on this place much in the season. In March, nothing was removed. Air conditioners installed.

There are bike rentals (200 baht / day) and car rentals (1200 baht / day).










551. Jungle Mansions One-Bedroom Houses and Apartments

551. Jungle Mansions One-Bedroom Houses and Apartments
1 bh, from 25 000 baht / month
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1 bh, from 25 000 baht / mo View house

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