List of things on the sea in a camping

It is summer now, which means that besides hiking trips are relevant, trips to the sea are also relevant. I recently laid out hiking list, and on the comments to the post, I realized that heIt does not suit those people who will go to the Black Sea savage, or camping, it is understandable, and did not expect it. Therefore, I also post a list of things on the sea, taking into account the specifics of a long parking lot, and a trip by car.

Please note that it is not necessary to take everything! Decide what you need specifically for you, otherwise you will not take everything with you. Also, some of these things can be bought on the spot, medicines, small things, and so on.

List of things on the sea in a camping

List of things at sea

- passport, OMS policy, money, ticket
- a case for documents
- camera, batteries for it, SD cards, card reader
- phone and charging to it
- backpack / bag
- food in the train or in the car
- some food in the camping
- notebook, pen
- sunglasses, case
- books / magazines
- handkerchief
- player with batteries
- alarm clock
- insect repellent
- small moment glue
- clothespins
- adhesive tape / duct tape
- towel
- something for needlework

Things in the car:
- documents on the car (right, not expired insurance and TO ticket)
- inflatable road pillow
- 220V inverter and tee extension cable
- pump for mattress pumping
- sunscreen on the windshield (sun blind), awning for the car
- map / road atlas
- cigarette lighter phone charger
- netbook / laptop / TV
- CDs or flash drive with movies and music
- blindfold from the light

List of things for the sea:
- mattress for the sea
- mask, snorkel, flippers
- a rug for the sea or a blanket
- beach bag (optional)
- Beach umbrella
- ball / badminton / frisbee

List of things to camp:
- camping or regular tent
- sleeping bag or blanket
- foam mat or inflatable bed
- sidushka / hoba (a small rug that clings to the pope with a rubber band so that at any moment you can sit anywhere)
- awning or stole (as option polyethylene or tarpaulin)
- hammock
- lantern hanging and battery
- headlamp, batteries to it
- candles (optional), lighter, matches
- nails
- ordinary rope
- rag gloves (to scavenge, which is not removed to you)
- cards / board games
- ax
- shovel / shovel

Things for the kitchen:
- folding table
- folding chairs
- Primus / burner + gas cylinder
- disposable tableware, bowl, forks, spoons, knives, ladle, stand for hot, cups
- tablecloth
- cutting board
- tack
- can opener
- pot / kettle, kettle
- BBQ, skewers / grill grill
- liquid for ignition
- coal, dry alcohol
- five-liter bottles
- wash basin / canister
- garbage bags
- cooler bag

- soap / shower gel, shampoo, toothbrush, paste, dental floss
- toothpicks
- toilet paper
- wet wipes / gel antiseptic
- cotton swabs, cotton pads
- pads, tampons
- razor
- shaving gel
- deodorant

In cosmetic case:
- hairbrush
- invisible hairpins, rubber bands, crab
- small scissors
- tweezers
- mirror
- file
- earplugs (in the train are needed!)
- hand cream
- moisturizing cream
- hygienic lipstick
- needles, threads, buttons, pins

First Aid Kit:
- bactericidal and rolled patch
- iodine
- peroxide
- sunscreen, cream after sunburn
- aspirin / citramon
- antibiotics
- Activated carbon
- asterisk
- suprastin
- noshpa
- elastic bandage
- cream for bruises, bruises and sprains
- Balsam Warrior (Lifeguard)
- a means of motion sickness in transport

- something with a long sleeve from the sun
- headdress / bandana / panama / cap
- warm clothes
- wind and rain jacket / raincoat / umbrella
- swimsuit, swimming trunks, pareo

P.S. If I forgot something, write in the comments, I will correct or add to the list of things needed at sea

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