Question to readers, you need your advice about the blog :)

In the comments to post about the results of 2013 I got a lot of advice on howYou can further develop our resource and what else can you try? Something does not suit me very much, something has stirred up in me once again my own questions, to which I have not found an answer. Since I was in a hurry to do nothing, I would first of all like to ask you, our readers, something. Because if you make any serious changes, I would like to minimize the loss of readership and search traffic, as well as analyze the current situation.

I know some never comment, but II would still like to ask you to answer a few questions, it will not take long, for this you just need to tick this or that item. Well, those who are willing to spend a little more time can write a detailed comment with the tips, I will be glad.

Further development of the blog


Before you start any newdirections, you need to deal with old things. I, indeed, have long felt that the format of the blog in the form that it is now, is not very suitable for so many diverse and not intersecting with each other topics. Well, when traveling was the prevailing topic, but apart from that, I already had time to write about blogging and make money, about how to take pictures, touched on the topic of anti-consumption and economy. And most importantly, there was the topic of special children, which can not be removed from life, even if you do not write about it :) All of these topics are different audiences. Because finding a person who is interested in all topics at once is unreal. Accordingly, various problems arise in the development of the resource.

The most visible problem is that the personlet's say I started reading a blog due to philosophical posts, and I have been charging informational articles about Tai for half a year. What will happen? The reader will get bored and he will stop coming to the blog, because what he is interested in, I almost do not publish. That is why sites usually do, either under one theme, or under very similar.

The second problem is that because of thisthe number of different topics selected very narrow niche, or, in other words, there is no possibility of increasing the audience within the same topic. I will explain. Take, for example, the theme of Thailand, for it is covered here by the greatest number of posts. In Tai comes a huge number of people, but not all fit my information. The point is not even in the infe itself, but in the fact that the person simply does not linger on the site due to other topics. One will just be confused by this diversity and he will not be able to figure out which side of the “IP registration” refers to Thailand, another will see a post about home birth and immediately close the blog in fear. That is a site that is about everything at once, does not inspire confidence. Thus, travel articles that seem to suit absolutely everyone will still be read only by those who still have at least something close (blogging, photography, children, etc.), then something else from other topics This is a narrow audience.

The blog's audience is from everywhere a little bit.

The blog's audience is from everywhere a little bit.

The third problem is search traffic and readers,these are two different audiences. Judging by the comments, most readers read us not because of information from travels. Well, it's really interesting to anyone from year to year to read about how to get to Orly airport in Paris, or about renting a car in Bangkok. This is a technical info that is needed only at the time of preparation for the trip. Read, prepare and forget. That is, such info is not for readers, it is for search traffic - people search for information and find it on our blog. And readers only read our articles about life, about Egor, some philosophical posts, and so on. In fact, we have a website that has a personal blog about family life and a guide to Thailand. Well, if it is roughly divided into two parts, then so it will be more. It is not effective to write two types of articles, one for search traffic, the other for readers. Ideally, this should be the same.

Possible problem solving

I think it's obvious that “personal blog” and"Guide" little related to each other. If we are talking about development and earnings, then these should be two separate projects, at least visually. Then each of them can be developed independently of each other. For example, on a personal blog, you can write short posts about Egor, about current experiences, that is, what is not being published by us now. Readers will be pleased. And the guide will contain even more technical information (hotels, transport, attractions, etc.), you can hang some useful service with maps and prices. There will already be satisfied with search traffic, no extra topics, just what you need to prepare for the trip.

And most importantly, each subscriber "personal blog"and the “guidebook” will receive only interesting announcements: a traveler about a new attraction, a reader of a personal blog about the next successes of Yegor. Well, the navigation menu on each of the projects can be made more detailed and understandable, which will also be more convenient for everyone.

At the same time, I understand that with physical separationon two separate and independent projects, there will be losses. Search traffic will fall, and some readers will fall off. This is sad. If you only divide visually within the framework of the current blog, for example, by making two different sections with different colors and pictures, then there may be even more confusion. In general, I just think about it, because these questions arise not for the first time, but I don’t find easy answers to them. It is interesting to your opinion, as just readers, and SEO bloggers.


Long time it had to be done - to know the interestsyour audience. To understand what she needs, and how best to do it. After all, it can be long and tedious to analyze, but it is easier when real people say it themselves. Therefore a big request to answer the questions below. If you want to add explanations to your answers, I will be glad to your comments.

Select an answer option and click the "Vote" button. 4 questions - 4 times you will need to click. In question # 1, you can choose several answers, in other questions only one at a time.



P.S. The poll will hang for several days, it will be very interesting to look at the results and find out if I was right in my guesses or not. If someone does not earn, write then, please, in the comments.

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