Adler - always close

Adler is a beautiful resort city of Russia. Throughout its history, it has received millions of tourists in its cozy hotels, hotels and sanatoriums. Sprawling on the Black Sea among the Caucasus Mountains and a variety of natural attractions, Adler is famous as one of the best and most popular resorts in the world. The convenient geographical location and warm sea made the city particularly attractive for a holiday with friends, families and small children.

Resting in Adler, you can at any timecombine hot beach resort with ski resorts. Not far from the town there is the famous ski resort Krasnaya Polyana, where everything is equipped for a comfortable and unforgettable vacation. On the territory of the city built a variety of hotels and inns. Private hotels in Adler are in great demand today. Here are the most comfortable conditions for living. As a rule, in such hotels a few rooms, it allows you to avoid the accumulation of a large number of people.


> Adler hotels are designed so thatvacationers could quickly and without hesitation get to the sea or to the center. Almost on every street of Adler, you can see tourist organizations offering excursions throughout the Caucasus.

Organized a trip to Abkhazia,historical sites, visiting architectural treasures and natural conservation areas. Magnificent lakes, rivers, waterfalls, the sea, the sun and an incredible amount of modern forms of entertainment - all this you will find in Adler.

The proximity to the Big Sochi allowshaving a rest at the same time to enjoy rest and sights a few both resorts. The advantage of rest here is that from Adler you can at any time get to any point of not only the Caucasus, but also the world. The airport, railway and road network allow guests to go anywhere and anytime. But it is worth noting that the convenient location of Adler and the presence of a huge amount of transport does not affect the noise level at the resort at all. Everything is well located so that vacationers can enjoy a quiet and comfortable stay.

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