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I am increasingly being asked about Affiliatethe Liberty program, which was once the insurance company Keith Finance. Since I was tired of answering, I decided to write a small post about them, and I will traditionally give a link to it. Unfortunately, the technical support of Liberty leaves much to be desired (there is almost none), so let's gather here and discuss emerging issues and problems. Accordingly, I know that I will write right away.

The content of the article

What is liberty

This is an insurance company with offices in different countries. I did not recognize the details, but I read many reviews about them, in particular, about Thailand.

An overview of insurance companies, what are the properties, how to use insurance, I described in the article traveler insurance. All this is read there, and here we are talking about an affiliate program.

Liberty Affiliate Program

Liberty Affiliate Program

In short, at a very low cost,insurance working checked personally. Yes, of course, they have a class company assistance assistance, which is not in the lead, hospitals are not the best, shoals happen, but do not forget about the price. When you buy insurance for just a week, it is not so important here, but when it’s for half a year, the difference is already th. Are you ready to pay 30-40 thousand rubles per person for half a year insurance from ISOS? I'm not here, so I’m doing insurance for Liberty. Well, and who is ready, there are other insurance too.

Registration in the Liberty affiliate program and conditions

There is no registration in Liberty. You need to write directly to them, for example, to this address s.savchenko (dog)

After approval, you will need to sign an agreement with them, as a physical person (they will withhold a tax of 13% from your earnings), or as an individual entrepreneur (you pay the tax yourself, for example, 6% on the USN). Before signing, you will have to fill out a questionnaire with a bunch of fields, you will be checked by the paranoid security service, as if you are the director of the job and you don’t want to become a member of an affiliate program. In my case, this “crap” is worth it, as I do in yours, I don’t know.

Once a month, you need to send a scan of the signed act on agent services performed by e-mail, and once in 1-3 months to send the originals by paper mail.

Your income is 15% of sales. You can receive money either by cash in an office in Moscow or on a Unicredit Bank card, which you will receive for free.

Cookies are stored for 15 days.

Partner Tools

From affiliate tools you will onlywidget that will have to customize. For those who know html and CSS, there will be no problems. Also, unfortunately, in your account you will have almost no statistics, except for sales and the total amount for the month. Not much at all, for serious analytics you will have to install additional functionality.

Connecting scripts

You can connect the necessary scripts either in the inside of the head tag or already in footer.php before closing the body tag. Below is the default set that you need.

Jquery.min scriptjs is connected by default by WordPress itself (it’s called in it, however, jquery.js). But with me, the Liberty scripts did not want to work because of the jQuery.noConflict () mode, so I downloaded jquery.min.js from Google, and not from the folder with Worpdress on the hosting. To do this, you need to use such a construction to re-register the script, either in header.php or in functions.php (example below):

if (! is_admin ()) {
wp_deregister_script ('jquery');
wp_register_script ('jquery', '//', array (), '1.11.1');
wp_enqueue_script ('jquery');

If you also do, then the line from the exampleabove with, you will no longer need. Also, I personally did not need the widjet_liberty800300.css file, this is css for a wide widget, so I did not connect it. The jquery-ui.css library is needed to display the calendar, but it may well be that you already have it plugged in with another plugin, like jquery-ui.min.js, you need to check. Thus, in most cases only 3 files will be connected.

Widget code itself

This code should be inserted in the place where you havethere will be an insurance search form, in WordPress, these are usually widgets in the sidebar, only it is best to insert it not in plain text, but in a widget that supports php (a special plugin must be installed).

The widget code is very long, so I copied it to a file. Just do not forget there my pin on your replace. Although you can leave, I will not be upset :)

Unfortunately, this is not the end. You will need to walk through the fields of the widget and ask them the desired display in CSS. That is, prescribe some id and class, which will be crooked to be displayed in your template.

Is there an alternative

As you can see, the Liberty affiliate program is not very friendly and you need to have some knowledge to put it all on the site. In principle, you can hire someone who does, if it is difficult.

So, one of the alternatives is Cherehapa. This is an insurance aggregator and the user is invited to choose one of several. They pay less, already 10%, since they themselves are intermediaries between you and the insurance, and they also need to earn. But the widgets are ready, customize colors and sizes, do not be wise about anything. And cups are stored for 30 days, instead of 15 for Liberty.

I personally had a worse conversion, but I didn’texperimented with widget colors. Perhaps you should try again in order to draw new conclusions. If someone is ready to share data in comparison with Liberty, I will be only happy. Also, maybe soon Aviasales will come up with something with insurance. Recently, they added rental cars, that is, the process of aggregation of other affiliate programs is underway.

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