Air Bar at InterContinental Hotel - the best place to meet sunsets on Koh Samui

On the eve of, before my departure from Koh Samui, II decided to go to a bar on the territory of a cool hotel on the recommendation of local long-livers. The hotel itself is located on Taling Ngame, which is now considered one of the least built-up areas of Samui. And yet - this is the opposite side of the island, from Chaweng, where I lived.

As a result, the road took about 50 minutes, but it’sworth it. The beach and the Taling Ngam area itself is not bad, but the places are wild when compared to Chaweng and Lamai. Few tourist infrastructure, more nature and jungle, but with all this, there are several 5-star hotels. Apparently, people come here to disconnect from everything and be content with only the infrastructure of the hotel and the sunsets.

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Bar and restaurant in InterContinental Samui

InterContinental Samui

- a network luxury hotel, five-star and very expensive, for wealthy people, and not mere mortals.

You understand this already at the entrance to it, whenthe administrator offers to leave your hole in the parking lot, and you are taken up on a golf car, and then also returned to the lobby. At every corner an attentive face, everything is cool, polite, helpful, in general - a completely different world.

The whole hotel is located on the mountainside and whenyou go to the bar-restaurant Air Bar, then at first it seems that it is on the roof, but this effect is achieved due to the stepped location of the entire hotel building.

The place quite rightly belongs to the category of “the best restaurants of Samui”. Beautiful, modern, pleasant, and to myself I immediately compared it with the bar in Hilton Horizont in Pattaya and Moon Bar Hotel Banyan Tree Bangkok. Only here the last two were on the 30th and 60th floors, and here - the first floor, but on the mountain and the view opens no less stunning.

Taling Ngam and its neighbor Lipa Noi, in principle- these are beaches for meeting sunsets. The most correct decision is to arrive at the Air Bar at five o'clock in the evening and see off the sun in elegant conditions. Although the romance is different. You can watch this sunset free of charge, embracing under a palm tree on the beach, with a bottle of Singha.

Stunning sunsets on samui

Stunning sunsets on samui

Well, I personally love to sit sometimes and here in places where everything is perfect. And food, and drinks, and the atmosphere, and in order to think with an important view of life, to instill your bow in a luxurious interior.

In Airbar, it's good to rest with a company, but ifnot a long road from Chaweng to Taling Ngam, I would have come here without hesitation more than once and without company. But to cut a bike on a night island from the other coast in order to sit for an hour - for me this is already overkill and, as a result, a one-time action.

Why an hour? Because all that is beautiful can only be seen before dark. Those who live on Lamai and love the viewpoint, I advise you to roll in Samui camp. You will not see the sunset, but the view will be excellent.

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Since the place is fashionable, then of course, everythingIt costs a lot of money. For the interior, for a bunch of helpful stuff, for the opportunity to join the bohemian you have to pay a denyushka. Mojito non-alcoholic cost me 220 baht, and vegetables in batter - 295 baht, and the price indicated in the menu does not include the service charge and tax, 10% and 7%, respectively. So the final check turned out to be 606 baht, and it should be noted that a normal portion was filed, not “ugh on a platter”, so I rested and ate.

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For example, here is a direct link to the hotel: Intercontinental


Comparing with similar bars in Bangkok and Pattaya, I can say that the difference is in favor of Air Bar, but it is insignificant.

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Bar-Restaurant Air Bar

Bar-Restaurant Air Bar
Located on the territory of the luxury hotel Inter Continetal. Expensive, beautiful, tasty.
Read more about the bar.

Located on the territory of the luxury hotel Inter Continetal. Expensive, beautiful, tasty. More about the bar.

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