Show Alcazar in Pattaya - my review of the show transvestites

Honestly, I wouldn't go to this show ifit was not necessary within the framework of my guide to tell on the blog about all the popular sights of Pattaya. But surprisingly, I can not say that I did not like the show. But I will not say that I am really delighted. Maybe this is also because I basically do not really like dance shows. I think that once in Alcazar it makes sense to go and see for yourself, if you have never seen trances. Judging by the fact that the people in the hall clapped quite actively after the performance, people like such entertainment.

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Show Alcazar in Pattaya Alcazar Carbaret Show

The show lasts about an hour and basically it's differentdance numbers. There are among them dances with a certain cultural and ethnic component, in costumes stylized as folk and with appropriate music. And there are just modern ala cabaret.

Although I'm not special, but the speakers are prettyweakly: there is not enough plastic, not all movements are polished, they do not always move synchronously and keep the rhythm. Although then you get used to and stop paying attention. But it may be that at the end of the Thais themselves warmed up and rasplyasilis. Or a large number of speakers in colorful costumes on stage distract attention from the dance technique and look at the picture as a whole, without details. In addition, as I said, the show is just an hour, time flies by quickly.

The most highlight that act trans or lekiboi. Maybe there are ordinary girls, but I doubt that something hurt all high.

Before entering the Alcazar

Before entering the Alcazar

Auditorium show alcazar

Auditorium show alcazar

Each of the rooms must have some kind ofmeaning, but it is not clear and can not be explained. A man moves about 10–20 ledboy in very bright, brilliant outfits, to the music. The music sounds Thai, in English and even once was in Russian (Viagra "The Truce"). Every 5–10 minutes the number ends, a change of scenery takes place (they are lowered or raised behind the stage), the costumes change.

There are a couple of playful numbers in the show. When a fat Thai (Taets) comes on stage, he dances and then goes down to the audience, to the audience, and communicates with them a little. Then a couple of times the dancers after the number went down to the hall, closer to the people.

I liked the number when the dancer was wearingthe suit, on the one hand, female, and on the other male, and turning one side or the other towards the viewer, he depicted a pair. At first, he looked out from behind the curtains (plus lights only on the upper part of the body) and it really seemed like they were two separate people. Only then it became clear that he was alone. Nicely invented. Only later did I find out that this is a rather famous number in the world, but I only found out about him in the dark Pattaya. :)

In the hall there were a lot of Indians and Chinese. It seems they are brought to the show by bus. However, I think, not only them. On the street in front of the entrance, as well as in the parking lot, just a crowd.

Alcazar - transvestite show in Pattaya

Alcazar - transvestite show in Pattaya

After the show you can take a picture with the participants

After the show you can take a picture with the participants

Information to visit

The ticket price is 800 baht for VIP (1-7 row), and 600 baht for regular (long-distance and second floor).

The show starts at 18:30, 20:00 and 21:30, every day.

Ticket price with transfer>

One option is to buy a ticket to Alcazarone of the travel agencies, so as not to go / drive specifically for them in the cashier. This is more convenient, I did it myself. During the season you need to take tickets in advance, on the day of their presentation it may not be, I took as much as 2 days before the visit.

There is no dress code when you attend the show. I read different reviews, saying that it was impossible, but I was in shorts and a T-shirt, everything was okay. Besides, this is not a ball / party, but entertainment for tourists.

It is better to choose places not at the central aisle, but a couple of places further away, since they put extra chairs on the aisle, and they are high, thus those who are seated block the view.

Getting there

The show is located in the very center of Pattaya, on Second Beachfront, near the large shopping center Central Marina, a little short of it, if you move from Bali High Pier.

On the map

Show Alcazar

Show Alcazar
Show transvestites in Pattaya, one of the most famous. It is an hour, it is located right in the center of the city.
More about the show.

Show transvestites in Pattaya, one of the most famous. The hour is passing, it is located right in the center of the city. More about the show.

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