All Hua Hin beaches and the best beaches of the resort - a description from personal experience

Another general overview of the beaches. Already have the same beach reviews Phuket. Samui. Phangan. Pattaya. Koh Chang. Krabi. Phi Phi. Koh Lanta and Hua Hin.

Naturally, the review is made from personal experience. I spent the winter in Hua Hin, and was then a couple of times passing through. The place does not look like a classic resort, but I personally liked it, the main thing is to understand why you are going.

The content of the article

List of the best beaches of Hua Hin

Hua Hin has far fewer beaches than others.resorts, and in general, this city, many bypass. The fact is that here the beaches are not only not bounty, but generally so-so. The lovers of Hua Hin will forgive me, we will assume that this is my personal opinion and many will actually agree with me. The beaches are small, sometimes you can not buy even at high tide. The sand is yellow, the waves are often at sea. And visually, the beaches are not island-like — flat, flat — without large boulders in the water and palm trees.

Why go to Hua Hin? First, it’s quiet and peaceful in its own way. It is considered almost a European resort, although it looks about as well in Thai. There are many Europeans living and resting. Good infrastructure, there are several shopping centers, large supermarkets, large hospitals such as Bangkok Hospital. And since the town is small and stretched along the coast (one main road), then you can get everywhere very quickly, and by bus.

For me to stay at the hotel is better somewhere in the area city ​​beach (essentially the entire central part of the city). There are a lot of hotels there, and the infrastructure will be all at hand, the beach is the best.

Hotels in Hua Hin>

But winter is better in the area Takib. I lived there. Quiet place, not separated from the coast by the road, with a large number of apartments, but with a low-profitable beach. A minibus goes from it to the city center, it takes about 15 minutes in total.

All Hua Hin Beaches

City beach

The longest and, as a result, diversifiedHua Hin beach. The central part is attractive due to its proximity to the city center, with its cafes and shops; rent (and instructors) kites, water bananas, boats. The weak point is the lack of vegetation on the beach and natural shade.

The north point is famous for its picturesque boulderscoast, some flora on the beach, guarded by free parking for cars, bikes and shopping malls with a beach-souvenir assortment on the way. Perhaps, it is the most popular among both tourists and the local population. It is always crowded here. Minus - here is the natural parking of horses for hire, and there is a specific smell.

The southern part of the beach is the most spectacular; she isclung to the mountain Takiab, which is inhabited by hordes of macaques. Dozens of monkeys live their lives on the beach. They rest peacefully with the rest - if you keep your distance.
In general, in any part of the city beach, you can swim and sunbathe. Throughout its length - the mass of hotels and condominiums. You can get on the route tuk-tuk. More about the city beach.

Hua Hin City Beach

Hua Hin City Beach

Thakiab beach

The beach adjoins Mount Takiab (on the other side- urban), but there are no monkeys on it. It is somewhat reminiscent of the oriental bazaar - noisy, variegated, without clear boundaries, outwardly not very neat. Attractive sequence of vegetation on the beach, hire scooters, boats, horses. The beach is much wider than the city and, moreover, Sai Noi, and is suitable for playing football. Here you can walk around the rest, relax on a deck chair, catch crabs among the stones of the man-made ridge that goes into the sea. Swimming, for the most part, is problematic: the bottom is too flat.

In close proximity to the beach - numerous condos, bungalows, hotels; some overlooking Siam.
It is more convenient to get by car or bike. If the route tuk-tuk, you have to walk 10 minutes. Read more about Takiab beach.

Takiab Beach

Takiab Beach

Suan Son beach (Suan Son beach), or Military

It is located on the same coastal line asTakiab, about a kilometer away. Differs not crowded and luxurious system of evergreen needle casuarinas on the shore, giving a beautiful shade. Our tourists consider it the best place for meditation. For swimming is not quite suitable, shallow water 50 meters. You can sunbathe, grabbing your mats.

The beach is located on the territory of the sportscomplex for the military, but entry - free. In addition, you can take advantage of the army canteen and excellent parking nearby. You will have to get by car or bike: public transport does not go. Or stay in one of the hotels adjacent to the sea and the beach. Read more about Military Beach.

Military beach Suan Son

Military beach Suan Son

Tao beach

A small area a little further than Suan Son’s beachTao Mountains. It is quite wide (about a hundred meters), sloping, without stones, and resembles the city beach of Hua Hin in its unpopular places. Swimming is problematic: for tens of meters - shallow water. Sunbathing is also less interesting than all the others. But wander along the edge of the sea, admire the ships (here is the pier) - completely. The main advantage of this little beach is its proximity to the picturesque Mount Thao and the Temple of the Turtle (Wat Tham KhaoTao) on it. You can make a collection of beautiful pictures - both from the shore on the Tao and from the mountain - to Siam.

Getting to the beach is easy (6-7 km from the city center), but on your own: public transport does not go. In general, the area is quite calm, not spoiled by the attention of tourists. More about Tao Beach.

Tao Beach

Tao Beach

Sai Noi beach

Compact beach Sai Noi is located in the south of HuaHina, 30 minutes from the center. According to numerous reviews of tourists, this is the best place for swimming and sunbathing near the city. And I also consider it the best in Hua Hin, it is very similar to the island beach.

Suitable for lovers of peaceful rest: married couples, including middle-aged or with small children, lovers, single aesthetes. Uncrowded, fairly clean, richly fallen away by refined sand and shells, with a comfortable depth of the sea. It is a creek between picturesque rocks framed by greenery. The beach can not boast of good food and entertainment, as the city. But no one will distract you from contemplation of your navel: there are almost no peddlers. There are no hotels nearby, public transport is not available. Read more about Sai Noi.

Sai Noi Beach

Sai Noi Beach

Other beaches nearby

In fact, if you go to either side of Hua Hin, the coast will not go anywhere and the beaches will continue. In the direction of Bangkok you can go on Cha Am beachwhich is also a resort, just less popular than Hua Hin. And a little further (even closer to BKK) there will be a beach known as Black Babische beach. But you shouldn’t go very close to Bangkok, there are so-so all the beaches.

To the south from Hua Hin, up to Suratthani, stretch the beaches. From those closest to Hua Hin, I drove only in Pran kiri (20 km), where the mangrove park is located, and in Sam Roi Yot National Park (60 km).

Hua Hin Beaches Map

On the map you can see the location of thoseor other beaches, as well as clicking on the marker and then click on the link to go to the detailed description. As you see, there are not only the Hua Hin beaches, but also the neighboring ones, which I also managed to go round.

Hua Hin Beaches

Hua Hin Beaches:

Map of Hua Hin Beaches (North)

Map of Hua Hin Beaches (North)

Map of Hua Hin Beaches (South)

Map of Hua Hin Beaches (South)

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