All Krabi beaches (Ao Nang) and the best beaches - a description from personal experience

There are already beach reviews on the blog. Phuket. Samui. Phangan. Pattaya. Koh Chang. Krabi. Phi Phi. Koh Lanta and Hua Hin. Now it's Krabi's turn.

Ao Nang was once a fishing village, and nowA popular resort in the province of Krabi, located near the administrative center - Krabi town. But they often say “Krabi”, meaning Ao Nang, since it is almost the only resort in the province where foreigners stay. And the most famous beach, respectively, is Ao Nang Beach. If you look at the map of the resort from above, you can see that the coast in the Ao Nang area is heavily indented by rivers. However, the central part of the resort is a long line of beaches: Ao Nang, Nopparat Tara, Ban Beach, and Klong Muang Beach stretches a little further from it. In general, the west or east we move from Ao Nang, the less civilization is around, in fact there is nothing interesting and there are few who stop.

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Krabi's best beaches

So that you understand: Krabi province consists of two parts, one on the mainland, the second is the islands in the waters around the province, up to the islands of Pi-Pi and Ko Lanta. Of course, the most charming places are hidden away from the main tourist just on the islands. But if we consider the mainland, the best beaches of Krabi will be: Central Beach, Ao Nang Beach, Nopparat Thara Beach and Klong Muang Beach. All of them are located near the resort of Ao Nang, where there is infrastructure: many hotels and beach resorts, cafes, bars and restaurants for every taste. However, this is still not a very noisy resort and the places are picturesque here. From here you can go to the islands, to neighboring beaches, to caves or lagoons, and you can buy an excursion to the mainland sights of Krabi.

In addition to these four beaches, access to which is open 24/7 for any pedestrian on the mainland, there are Riley Peninsula (detailed post about beaches), which is located just 10 minutes from Ao Nang by boat. They are no worse than the island and the price for the boat is low, so they are almost suitable for daily visits.

Hotels in Ao Nang>

Centara Beach attractive because it is almost completelyIt is isolated from the resort’s mass traffic, and to get to it you either need to climb a cliff or pay for a taxi-boat, which in itself is a filter for 80 percent of tourists. In fact, Tsentara Beach is a private beach of a very expensive hotel, and the surroundings here correspond to the level of guests of a luxury establishment. There is always clean, beautiful, not crowded, and access to the beach - through security and by appointment.

Ao Nang and Nopparat Tara - the center of civilization and tourism. The best infrastructure, the best choice of housing, shops, restaurants and service. Of course, they are very populous, but due to their cosmic dimensions, it is rarely crowded here, if we talk about the beach. Although Nopparat and Ao Nang have recently been losing more and more to small and cozy beaches on the outskirts of the resort area. Still, people go to the sea in order to take a break from people, and tourism makes of former fishing villages a quite developed resort town.

And the last one in the list, but not in its charms - Klong muang. I would call it a compromise between noisy Ao.Nang and private Beach Center. Klong Muang lies on the outskirts, twenty minutes from the central beaches. It is as long as Ao Nang, but instead of a dense sand football field, you will find here a lot of private sandy corners between the roots of trees that are not yet felled by the sea.

If you're still going to visit the beaches of Ao Nang, then my article will be useful to you - A selection of the best hotels in Ao Nang.

The main beaches of Krabi and Ao Nang

Beach Hotel Centara Grand Beach Resort

The beach is called Pai Plong and is separated.from the main beach of Ao Nang with a cliff overgrown with forests. A trail is laid along it. This path is called the Monkey trail, because there are a lot of monkeys there. The beach is small and private, because here is an expensive chain hotel. Centara. It can be said that this is a hotel with its ownbeach, although in fact according to the law they are all public in Thailand. People on the beach a little. Not everyone wants to go across the mountain, and on the boat too few people sail specifically, if only hotel guests. Except through the mountain, on the beach you can if you want to swim in a rented canoe. Those who still come to the beach from Ao Nang along the path through the forest are recorded as a guard in a notebook in a notebook.

Since this is like a private beach expensivehotel, it is well monitored and cleaned, so that it is clean. Public umbrellas with sun beds or selling food is not here. In the beach cafe of the hotel you can buy drinks and order something from the food, but the prices are very high compared to the cafe on the other side of the hill. Trees grow along the beach, but the shade in the afternoon, when the sun is high, is not enough. Of the interesting things on the beach there is perhaps a pontoon pier, on which guests are brought to the hotel. Entry into the water here depends on the tide stage, which is quite pronounced. At low tide the water goes decently, it is shallow on the shore. Not in season there are waves. The beach is wide, at low tide more, at low tide. Sand is yellow, interspersed with shells. Since this beach is quite accessible from Ao Nang, it can be considered as a one-time alternative to Ao Nang's beach. For a change, it is interesting to walk along the monkey path, the views from the cliff are beautiful. But to constantly swim at this beach, you must live in the Center. To read more about the beach.

Ao Nang Beach

The long main beach resort of Ao Nang, withthe promenade and the highway along the sea. Approximately in the middle to the beach there is another road, perpendicular to the sea. Along it and along the embankment the main infrastructure of the village is concentrated. If you look at the sea, standing in the middle of the beach, then going to the left, you will come to the monkey rock, at the foot of which a small river flows into the sea. Green deciduous trees grow in that area, there is a shadow in which numerous masseuses with mattresses sit. Right here, beach cafes with cocktails, where tourists gather at sunset. The central part of the beach is bounded by concrete; you need to go down the stairs to the sea from the embankment. Along the embankment and the road there are numerous cafes and shops, hotels. On the right, in the direction of Nopparat Tara, the beach ends at a cape with a viewing platform. Before the cape to the beach adjacent territory of the hotel Krabi Resort. Another great hotel right on the beach - Aonang Villa Resort.

Ao Nang beach is wide, and at low tide it becomeswider. In season, the sea is calm. At low tide it goes very far. Not in season there are waves, and the water is turbid. The sand on the beach is yellow and gray with patches of shells. In places, there are large mounds of shells broken and ground by the sea. Almost all along the embankment of Ao Nang along it grow palm trees and deciduous trees, giving shade. But in the afternoon there are no shadows on the beach itself.

Along the beach there are boats in the sea, their ownersoffer tourists excursions to the islands. In general, the beach is quite noisy and crowded, there is a lot of massage, barkers, hawkers and other merchants. Russian in Ao Nang is relatively small. Let's just say less than the rest of foreigners. To read more about the beach with photos.

Ao Nang Beach at Krabi

Ao Nang Beach at Krabi

Nopparat Thara Beach

Nopparat Tara is separated from the beachAo Nang is a small hill that protrudes into the sea, and on the other hand is bounded by a river flowing into the sea. From the side where it borders on Ao Nang, the beach is its continuation of infrastructure. There are also cafes and shops, hotels along the road running parallel to the sea. This part is quite lively. But gradually civilization comes to naught. Casuarin grove begins along the sea. It is lonely and quiet. At the end of the beach, the road leads to a small port and bus station, from where you can take a boat to the islands or to Krabi town by bus, and by tuk-tuk - to Ao Nang. However, the distance is short and you can walk to Ao Nang. Almost the only major beach resort here is Holiday Inn.

The sea on the beach is not deep, but at low tidegoes very far, so that you can walk to the rock-islands a few hundred meters from the shore. The bottom is a bit muddy, with shells and crabs. In the season the water is clean and there are no waves. Out of season, in the summer, ebbs are very pronounced. At the time of the tide, the beach is not very wide. The sand is yellow-gray, light. Also interspersed with seashells. It is comfortable to sit on the beach as there is a lot of natural shade. Trees grow between the road along the beach and a strip of sand. To read more about the beach with photos.

Nopparat Thara Beach

Nopparat Thara Beach

Ban Beach

This beach borders Nopparat Thara in the east, but is separated from it by a river. On this beach, mostly located hotels with accommodation in bungalows. The names speak for themselves: Pan Beach Bungalow. Sand beach bungalow. J2B Beach Bungalows.

From Nopparat Tara to Pan Beach, you can either gowade into low tide or drive around by road. True, you have to do quite an impressive hook. The beach is quite long (which corresponds to the name) and deserted. There are just a few beach cafes and a few hotels all over. The beach is wide, with light sand of yellow-gray color, small shells and silt. There is a lot of natural shade, and the sea is shallow. There are many trees along the beach, including casuarinas and palm trees. It is very deserted and quiet. In the morning and in the evening nobody. Great place to contemplate. On the west side, the beach also ends with the river flowing into the sea (or bay). To read more about the beach with photos.

Ban Beach, Krabi Province

Ban Beach, Krabi Province

Klong Muang Beach

From the previous, Ban Beach, this beach is separatedpenetrating into the sea peninsula. Klong Muang Beach consists of two parts, one more southern and more northern, and in the middle a small island right next to the shore. In the northwest, the beach ends at a pier. Further north is Tab Kaek beach.

Klong Muang is located 14 km from Ao Nang. This is a small settlement, not very developed in terms of tourist infrastructure. Nevertheless, it is here that there are large hotel complexes, including Sheraton Krabi Beach Resort. In the northern part of Klong Muang beach, closer to the pier, there are large resorts of the type Hotel Sofitel and Bliss resort. The southern part is completely deserted. The beach itself is very pleasant - there are very few people here, a beautiful shade of light sand, pleasant to the touch, along a wide strip of which grows a grove of tall casuarine trees that give a natural shade.

On all the surrounding beaches ebb,during which the sea goes very far and it becomes almost impossible to swim. But at Klong Muang the sea, though shallow, but at low tide looks suitable for swimming. In general, the entrance to the sea is very flat, to the depth it will take a long time, several tens of meters. But for children, this beach fits perfectly. True, the infrastructure around is not a lot - a few large hotels, a few cafes and 711 which you still need to reach. There are versions that there are houses for rent, but if such a house is rented, it is only with transport, because it will have to be bought in Ao Nang. If you live in a hotel, then all services will be significantly more expensive compared to Ao Nang. But the place is quiet, without noisy discos and night bars. Ideal for families with children and retirees. To read more about the beach with photos.

Klong Muang Beach

Klong Muang Beach

The rest of the beaches of Krabi

As I wrote, there are beaches to the east and west of the main beaches of Aonang listed above. To the east, in the direction of Krabi town, are beaches Ao Nam Mao and Shell Fossil (aka Susaan Hoi). These are uncrowded beaches with a small amount of infrastructure and strongly pronounced ebbs, there’s nothing to do there.

In the west, after Klong Muang stretch, Ko Kwan, Phu Lei and Tub Kaek stretch. And Phu Ley is not a beach for recreation, but just a beach with sand and mud - the industrial zone passes next to it and the village of workers and fishermen stands.

Ao Cieo Beach

Ao Cieo is located between the beaches of Ban Beach and KlongMuang, and in principle it is difficult to call it a full-fledged beach, rather it’s a sandy beach, which in some places can be used for swimming and almost everywhere you can stop to sunbathe. Thais ignore the charms of ignition simply mentally, and tourists usually do not come here. The sand is coarse, multi-colored, a lot of stones, and real knee-high stones begin towards the military base. There is a parking lot of fishermen and a large fenced wasteland, because of which you can only go to the beach in two places and it will be quite steep slopes to the sea.

If desired, and if you find yourself here early in the morning,You can go to the base and here on the beach there is a small cafe for their own. Some kind of warrior keeps her and civilians do not come here in principle, but if there is no one for the people, you may be interested in, socialize and offer a menu. And they can ask for an exit, I had both options, maybe it depends on whether there are any senior officers in the cafeteria. In fact, for the owner of a cafe, money does not smell and it does not matter who brought them.

Next to the fence that will block your pathI do not recommend to go on the beach. On the peninsula behind the military base is the residence of the royal person, so "private territory" and "stand, I will shoot." The beach may seem interesting to those who do not like the crowd, swimming and hackneyed places. Naturists are not the place here, because Thais are rare here, but they claim to have a snack or family gatherings. They also like it here, because although Ao Sieo is a seemingly unattractive place, it is extremely cozy due to the fact that there is a lot of shadow and no tourists.

Ao Cieo Beach, Krabi

Ao Cieo Beach, Krabi

Koh Kwan Beach

The beach wears the same name with the next nameKo Kwan island, although the name is among tourists and expats is not common, and it is often considered to be just a continuation of Klong Muang. However, in my opinion, there is very little in common between them. Ko Kwan is turned strictly to the west and I would choose him for meeting sunsets, and if the ebb allows, I would climb onto Ko Kwan himself. If you walk along the rocky path on an island, then on the back of it you will find rocks on which you can watch the sunset sun in absolute solitude.

Ko Kwan - the beach is not the most attractive in terms ofbathing. There are few secluded places, the coast is built up with cafes, a lot of pipes with sewage and there are a couple of stinkers of natural origin. The bottom is sandy-stony, in places quite clean, and it happens that there are areas that barefoot does not work. Small, strongly subject to ebb, but unlike Klong Muang, here the bottom is uneven and at low tide spots of sea water mixed with islands of sand are formed. Opposite to Ko Kwan, an underwater rock ridge is exposed, on which crabs can be observed.

The infrastructure of the beach is almost none. More or less decent shops and markets are ten minutes away, near Klong Muang Beach. And the infrastructure of Koh Kwan itself consists of cafeterias near the sea and hotels behind the main road. Coming here for the whole can be either with stocks of food and drinks in the scooter's glove compartment, or with money in your pocket to take lunch and dinner breaks at seaside restaurants. Romantic dinners here are gorgeous, in terms of landscapes, but I will not tell you about the quality of the kitchen - I have not tested it.

Koh Kwan Beach, Krabi

Koh Kwan Beach, Krabi

Tub Kaek Beach

The most western outskirts of the resort mainland of Krabi province. To get here, you have to drive along the road leading to a small natural park with beautiful trekking to the top of the mountain. Tub Kaek Beach is narrow (in Krabistandards) strip loose sand, along which densely greens grow. During low tide, unattractive lunar landscapes form here, but the tide drastically changes everything when the sea comes close to the greenery, flooding the roots and tree trunks. In general, Tab Kaek is somewhat similar to Ko Kwan, only more compact in size and a bit cleaner. The beach is located below the main road, because in this part of the mainland begins a gradual rise of the relief.

Along Tab Kaeka built several hotels andresorts, which close their arrays to the sea, leaving to strangers only a couple of congresses along the edges of the beach. There is no infrastructure there in principle, except if you walk in the direction of Ao Nang and reach the only Thai store that stands near the industrial zone. Yes, there is an industrial zone, where Thais store crushed stone of different types and sizes, a huge warehouse without a roof and with an industrial pier on the shore. In general, the main feature of the beach is the distance from everyone and a very good ecology.

Tub Kaek Beach, Krabi

Tub Kaek Beach, Krabi

Map of Ao Nang Beaches

In addition to the beaches of Ao Nang, the map marked andother beaches of Krabi, in particular the Raleigh peninsula. I highly recommend going there, it is very beautiful there and the beaches are very even (Raleigh Beach is included in the TOPs). For a clearer understanding of geography in this part of Krabi province, I made 2 schemes.

Krabi beaches scheme

Krabi beaches scheme

Riley beaches map

Riley beaches map

Krabi beaches

Krabi Beaches:

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