All popular blogs have been equated to the media - what to do?

Recently, an amendment to the second reading was adoptedthe law on the media, which says that all blogs, whose attendance is more than 3,000 people per day, will be registered in a special registry and are essentially equal to the media. It concerns any resources, including groups / profiles in social networks. That is, if you have more than 3000 friends, then you are the media. Enters into force on the 1st of August 2014. Can still cancel, but something is not enough real.

After entering the registry will be requiredcheck for accuracy all information posted, do not share private life without permission, follow the rules of election campaigning, and indicate age restrictions.

More information about the amendment can be read on Habré.

It seems to be not so scary looks, but thatwill actually not close all the objectionable blogs and sites, who knows? Some talk about the abolition of freedom of speech, others that there will be less of all govnosaytov. Fines are not encouraging, for individuals individuals up to 30 thousand rubles, for legal entities (entrepreneurs are also considered to be?) Up to 500 thousand to the law ...

Blogs are banned?

Blogs are banned?

What do you think about this?

However, I would like to know who thinks whatabout this? After all, life does not end there, I do not think that they will spread rot to everyone en masse. I know, now people will start leaving for foreign hosting and register domains in the COM zone. Only this will not help much, because you can safely block the site at the level of Russian providers. And then users will be able to access it only through anonymizers or not from Russia. This will mean the absence of search traffic and a decrease in earnings to zero. Rather, then you need to create other sites (hosting and registrar foreign) in English and designed for an English-speaking audience ...

From pluses I see only one. Bloggers have been recognized as a kind of force, and now, when you make a report in any instance, you are not just some kind of blogger, but the whole media. Perhaps this will somehow affect the work of civil servants in the field, at least on minor issues. Well, that is, you need to somehow try to use it for yourself.

In principle, if you do not touch the policy, then ratherall, there will be no problems. But the fact that many opposition blogs will suffer is obvious. Moreover, I also started to frantically remember if I had anything wrong with that. I found a couple of pictures that are best removed apparently ... Hmm ... It seems harmless, but you can find fault.

And it is also not clear how they will consider the visiting ...And if I take everything off the counters? And what about the fact that it is possible to catch bots on any site and it will immediately become sufficiently visited to stuff it into the registry.

Update1. Link to the original law -

Update2. Probable plus prompted, if a blogger becomes a journalist, he will be able to make himself a journalistic visa in the same Thailand :) I wonder if it will work or not? (

Update3. On Habré already have info about the possible blocking of GMail and Skype. As if from the theory of assumptions, but it is not funny at all.

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