Animal Repeller - for traveling by car

Going on vacation to relatives or the sea,we often stop our choice on personal transport - car. This is undoubtedly convenient, because the route can be chosen by yourself, besides, the car is designed in accordance with the tastes and desires of the owners, and therefore children feel almost at home in it - everything around is so familiar and familiar.

But the disadvantages of a long journey in a car tooit is obvious: in the car seat, babies can be in a stationary state for a large amount of time, and this is quite difficult. Children begin to act up and express their discontent, as they have nowhere to throw out all the accumulated energy. To avoid such situations, there are plenty of ways to entertain a child - then the road will be transferred much easier. And in order not to delay time in case of stopping your car by the traffic police, it is better to have a digital personal breathalyzer with you.

So, to entertain the child, you can draw. Grab a small crayon or magnetic board on the road. If the child has not yet learned to draw, he will observe with interest how you paint for him.

You can organize physical exercises. Dedicate the stops to active games. Basically, children under 6 years old need a stop every 3 hours. Play hide and seek, run, jump. This will allow the baby to use up already accumulated energy. It is advisable to leave in the cabin repeller of animals or dogs, if you will depart from the car.

If the child quickly gets tired of sitting, andthere is no possibility for frequent stops, arrange a warm-up right in the cabin. Under the merry music, clap your hands together, turn the head, “jump up” with your feet.

Surprise your child with a surprise toy. The boy will be pleased with the new machine, and the girl with a small doll with accessories. In addition, a brightly illustrated toy book, a children's mobile phone, a kinder surprise, etc. will do.

You can listen to fairy tales or music. Bring along discs with audio fairy tales, rhymes, baby’s favorite songs. Little fidget listen to them with interest.

With an older child, you can arrange a puppet theater. Make a small puppet show, the actors in which will be your own fingers, which are wearing figurines for the finger theater.

Going on the road, remember thatcluttering the cabin will lead to additional fatigue not only children but also adults, so you need to take with you only necessary things and toys - the rest is better to put in the trunk.

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