Announcement of the 3rd LT meeting on Samui - October 25

Judging by the comments, it turned out that Samui was alreadythere are several of our readers, and a few more people arrive in October. Therefore, there is an offer to meet and meet, as we did in Kolomenskoye Park in Moscow (meeting 1. meeting 2).

Meeting on Samui

Ready to meet on Samui

We ourselves do not know the island as long-lived here, so if there are ideas where you could meet, express your suggestions!

We would personally like to meet after 16hours (after sleep Egor), as well as in a place where there is an opportunity to crawl. It is for this reason that we chose parks in Moscow. October 24 is a floating number, if suddenly someone cannot, then plus or minus a couple of days does not matter, we will transfer. We can also offer to meet in a pleasant cafe on the beach (at the very end of Bang Po, closer to Nathon), it’s good that there are very cozy and clean, as a rule, few people, there is a playground, swings, a sea with a beach, slightly simplifies the life of parents with children. The prices are not the same as those of Thai macawnits, but quite to their own (padtai 120 baht)

All current information on the meeting will be in this post. That is, as soon as there is clarity, I will enter here the date, time and place of the meeting. We are waiting for your comments :)


We transfer the meeting to October 25, 2013, so that it is more convenient for some participants.
Meeting time 16.00
The meeting place is being specified. Most likely it will be Mickey cafe on Bang Po.

P.S. And sign off, please, those who want to come to the meeting.

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