Announcement of the 5th meeting of LT in Aonang - April 3, 2014

Hello friends. I would like, until everyone has left, and until we left, meet and get acquainted with those who are in Aonang, as we did on Samui (1. 2). I propose to meet on the beach of Noparattar on the 3rd of April at 16.30.

Announcement of the 5th meeting of LT in Aonang - April 3, 2014

No program is expected. Just meet and talk. Near the cafe there, if you suddenly want something to eat. You can take some water and fruit, such as watermelons, with you. Still eat watermelons? :)

Why the beach. We try to visit the sea 2 times a day, because if Egor does not splash out his energy, then his parents will not be good enough. And water and sand are great for crawling. That is, we initially, unfortunately, do not fit places where you can not crawl. But I think no one will object to the beach. Moreover, Noparatarta is rather deserted, especially on weekdays.

In order to designate a place, the beach is large because there is a cafe around the center of the beach with a blue inscription Blue Ba you, right next to it, across the street.

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