Ao Ko Kwang (Ao Kaw Kwang) - walking beach with a promenade

As a first stop to take a breathAfter crossing to Lanta Island and renting a scooter in Saladan, you can choose Ao Koh Kwang beach. Especially successful will be to get here at high tide, when the water rises to the shore, covering completely all the shallow waters of Ko Kwang, which makes it absolutely unsuitable for swimming, but looks gorgeous in the photo.

I was not lucky with the tide, so you getA series of pictures in the style of "the beach, which is not a beach at all." Shooting point - the path next to the restaurant Kaw Kwang Seafood. I walked a little along the beach to make sure of my initial findings - this is a beach for contemplation and dinner at sunset. They bathe here only from hopelessness.

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Beach description

Koh Kwang Beach is located on the coastlinewhich starts from the strait between the islands of Lanta Noi and Lanta Yai, and ends right next to the rocky Cape Lam Ko Quang. Across the coast, along the beach, there is a concrete path from which you can reach the beach anywhere. Closer to Saladan, the distance between the road and the sea allowed even some infrastructure facilities to be built, and closer to the cape the road comes close to the sea and turns into an embankment.

The sand on Ko Kwang is dense, greyish yellow, withlots of red stones. The slope of the coast is so gentle that almost all along its length, protective fences from the waves are built, which easily reach the buildings.

Sunset, depth and waves

I did not personally check the dive, it wasn’tmoods. But from the coast one can clearly see that there are many stones under the water, on which it will not be very pleasant to walk. There are no large boulders, basically the same stone crumb as on the shore.

And yet, despite the shallow and seemingunfavorable for swimming, on the beach I met people who did not think so. Personally, the appearance of the beach did not cause me any positive emotions, and all the more the thought “it would be nice to take a swim here” did not arise.

Regarding the waves, I can say that they come here with high water and passing breeze, which cause a lot of inconvenience to coastal establishments.

Sun beds and shade

For obvious reasons, on the beach of Ko Kwan is not worth sun beds - they simply wash away the very first tide. There are no loungers here, even around the numerous bars and cafes on the beach.

But the natural sources of shadow on the beach Co.Quang is abundant - you can walk along the shore at any time of the day, it will be comfortable. If you go to the beach itself, then there, of course, everything is bad - there is no shadow. Generally no.

Beach photo

Ao Ko Kwang (Ao Kaw Kwang) - walking beach with a promenade

Ao Ko Kwang (Ao Kaw Kwang) - walking beach with a promenade

Ao Ko Kwang (Ao Kaw Kwang) - walking beach with a promenade
Koh Kwan Beach on Lanta

Koh Kwan Beach on Lanta

Ao Ko Kwang (Ao Kaw Kwang) - walking beach with a promenade

Ao Ko Kwang (Ao Kaw Kwang) - walking beach with a promenade


I came across only two resorts along the coast,listed below, and so, basically - the entire infrastructure of the beach of Ko Quang - is a cafeteria and bars. There are many empty plots, abandoned and dirty, where palm groves grow in places and Thai strange buildings stick out.

All major infrastructure is located around Saladan Pier and closer to Klong Dao Beach. This triangle (Ko Kwan, Klong Dao and the mainroad) forms the most densely populated area of ​​Koh Lanta, with appropriate amenities in terms of service, services and shops. In fact, there is a small village.

Ao Ko Kwang (Ao Kaw Kwang) - walking beach with a promenade

Houses and hotels on the beach

On the first line of the beach of Ko Kwang are onlytwo resorts, whose territory closely adjoins the embankment. In general, due to the peculiarities of the beach, this area is not very popular among lovers of sealer, and the available housing options are usually mediocre and not particularly rated: Saladan Beach Resort

Ao Ko Kwang (Ao Kaw Kwang) - walking beach with a promenade

and Coco Cape Lanta Resort

Ao Ko Kwang (Ao Kaw Kwang) - walking beach with a promenade


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How to find the beach

Do you drive off the bridge between the islands, orArrive at the ferry - your path will pass by an ordinary T-shaped intersection, where there will be a blue pointer to Kow Kwang Beach. It is literally a kilometer away from the pier and the bridge, so it’s impossible to get lost if you go slowly and carefully look around.

For reliability, I would recommend usingnavigation in your smartphone, the benefit of Google maps work well in Thailand, even in offline mode, the main thing is to load the upcoming route in advance, sitting next to a Wi-Fi point.

Beach map

Ao Ko Kwan Beach Map

Ao Ko Kwan beach map:

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