How we live in Moscow - our apartment (video)

A short video about our life-being inMoscow More precisely, even about our apartment. And so many times we have already shown our houses / apartments in Thailand, in Europe, in Russia, but never had a review of Moscow housing. So before leaving, I decided to quickly make a video, because in a few days we will fly away and future videos will be only about Thailand.

In Thailand, I will continue to shoot similar Vlogs(I realized that so far only Vlogi, no more) and I will post them at least once every 1-2 weeks. I hope I don’t have to look for a topic, because in this regard I have a plug. Surprisingly, there has never been a crisis “about what to write a post”, and I don’t constantly know what to film.

P.S. Also sometimes there will be a broadcast on Periskope. Let's see what comes out of this whole video format.

Life hacking 1 - how to buy a good insurance

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Life hacking 2 - how to find a hotel 20% cheaper

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