Ban Thai Beach - Mimosa Beach, for mothers and babies

Ban Thai Beach is considered one of the most suitable beaches for mothers and babies on Samui. It is located next door to Mae Nam, another beach, which is already firmly established a family reputation. Although Ban Tai and Mae Nam are located on one side of the island and are separated only by a small rocky cape, the difference between them is huge.

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Beach description

Ban Tai stretches one kilometer from Bang Po before Maenama. From the only road that leads to it and to the dead end of this road near the colorful houses of the coastal resort, it is covered with amazingly fine, white sand with shells.

Clean beach maintained opposite residentialcomplex and restaurant Mimosa, whose name is sometimes called this part of the beach. But there are some areas of wasteland on which construction is being developed and the beach opposite these areas remains untouched. From the sea, garbage is usually quite a bit, unlike human garbage left after picnics and rest.

During the high season, thanks to itsThe popularity of the children's beach, a large number of children with their parents come to Mimosa, and there are always many mothers and children in the colorful houses and bungalows of the neighboring resort.

Ban Tai Beach itself is divided into twoexcellent friend from one another half. If you look at the sea at the place where the canal for boats is dug, then the right half is covered with stones and boulders, and the beach is there, to put it mildly, for walking. But the left half, which goes along the Thai cafe, resort and restaurant Mimosa - sandy and crowded.

In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have a short overview of all the beaches of Samui, will help you decide on the choice of the beach.

Sunset, depth and waves

With the ebb of the sea goes to 10-12 meters from the shore,but nothing cardinal happens. The depth at Ban Tae balances between the shallow and the normal state. An adult needs to walk about thirty meters to be in the water to the waist, and children have such a slope of the coast at the very time.

Judging by the fact that the coast is fortified in placesconcrete rings, and by how much the soil is washed between the palm trees on the shore, the waves beat Ban Tai in the rainy season. But in calm, windless days of strong excitement on the beach is not observed.

The entrance to the water is complicated by the presence of underwatervegetation and stones, but there is a whole site on Ban Tae, with a completely clean sandy bottom, which is used by all local residents. Those who do not know about the secret can stop halfway, finding a good tree with a shadow and basking, carefully looking at their feet.

Sun beds and shade

Sun beds on the beach is only at the very end, where the beach expands to forty meters and forms a sandy platform, just opposite the clean entrance to the water, where the main party usually gathers.

But there is nothing perfect. Along the whole beach, everywhere, except for the sandy platform, palm trees and deciduous trees grow, some have hammocks and a swing. And on the site will have to either ignore the sun, or carry a beach umbrella.

Beach photo








All infrastructure of the area around Ban Taodispersed in the secondary streets and sides of the ring road. Immediately at the turn of the ring there is a 7-Eleven mini-market, laundry, watermat and motorbike rental. Thai shops are on the way to the sea. The nearest hypermarkets will have to take a car and drive for about forty minutes, provided that there are no traffic jams that have become frequent on Samui lately.

On the shore of the restaurant next to Mimosa,there are palm sheds right in the water. There is also a bent palm tree with a sign “This is Samui”, for a photo as a keepsake. There are no more sights on Ban Tae.




Houses and hotels on the beach

About fifteen different types of housing are within a kilometer of Ban Tai Beach. The largest of them are Koh Samui Resort

Ban Thai Beach - Mimosa Beach, for mothers and babies

, Mimosa resort & Spa

Ban Thai Beach - Mimosa Beach, for mothers and babies

, Baan Kuasakul Resort

Ban Thai Beach - Mimosa Beach, for mothers and babies

and Baan Tai Tara 1

Ban Thai Beach - Mimosa Beach, for mothers and babies

. On the rocky site of Ban Tai stands The Lotus Terraces

Ban Thai Beach - Mimosa Beach, for mothers and babies


Private houses for rent are available outside the ring road, towards the center of the island.

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Hotels near Ban Tai>

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How to find the beach

Since the road to the beach is one, you have to beattentive when looking for exit to the sea. Moving along the ring road, look for a brown sign with the name of the restaurant Mimosa, which hangs directly opposite the secondary road. Just in case, it is marked with a blue poster “This is the way to the public beach”.

After the exit to the secondary road is nowhereRoll until you are rested in the sea and massage kibits. Turn left and go to the next restaurant after Mimosa. Be sure to find a parking lot that will not interfere with travel. The fact is that the road along the sea is limited by barbed wire and “Do not enter, privat property” signs.

And the width of the road does not allow twocars. And if you leave the bike along the spike or in the parking lot of Mimosa, you run the risk of finding a cut motorbike seat upon return. There were precedents, this is not a joke.




But there are more options to get to Ban.Taya. For those who like to stroll through the jungle and underground tunnels, I tell a secret place on the island. Turn off the ring road where it is marked on the map with a marker, and then go straight until you reach the gate.

This is a private territory of a house under construction, butconstruction is frozen, and no one will stop you. Go around the gate on the right along the path, and after a hundred meters you will see a T-shaped intersection of dirt roads. Further, as in a fairy tale: if you go to the right, you will climb the mountain.

If you go to the left you will enter the tunnel. The tunnel is a long, one hundred meters, passes inside the cliff and leads to the secret beach, which is not visible from Mimosa, and at high tide, access to it is closed by sea. The beach will be littered with stones, between which you can find a place for yourself, or walk on foot to Mimosa about two hundred meters to the right.





Beach map

The best place for sunbathing - not reachingthe sandy area to fall under the tree, in the shadow indicated by the marker on the map below. There are never people here, and if there are, the third family simply does not fit under a tree. And you can swim with algae, although, of course, the sensations are strange.

Ban Tai Beach map on Samui

Ban Tai Beach map on Samui:

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