Bar Mlsnej Kocour in Prague is a middling one for tourists and local

The bar is located on the corner of the beautiful neat Peace Square, not far from Church of St. Ludmila. With parking here is not very, and there are only a few places along the curb, but in principle it is not very important, because why go to the pub behind the wheel?

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Bar Mlsnej Kocour

The restaurant is located in a corner building, low-key.externally, and inside, I would not say that there is some kind of extravaganza of design ideas. In short - the usual cafe with a bar. The place is in principle not bad, quiet, but I would not say that it will be nice to come in with a girl or even with a company.

Rather, on one when you need a snack andthrow a glass of beer - with this in Misnej Kocour everything is very good. The food is tasty, inexpensive, the beer is fresher, the prices are average in the hospital, but, according to reviews on the net, they often try to chop up with a bill. In my case, everything was decent.

In the evening there will be many people, as, indeed, inmost of the beer centers of Prague, so the sooner you appear here, the more likely you are to get free space. Seated at the tables by force, do not give a choice. The service charge is not included in the bill and the waiters carefully pay attention to it so that the customer is not greedy.

The bar does not smoke, even on the summer terrace. The staff speaks Russian tolerably well, they work without much trepidation, but rather quickly. If you get here in the daytime, when there are not so many people, then there is a daily discount on some menu items, you can eat inexpensively.

Bar Misnej Kocour in Prague

Bar Misnej Kocour in Prague

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Open daily from 11 am to 00 hours.

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Bar Mlsnej Kocour

Bar Mlsnej Kocour
Excellent, authentic beerhouse next to the church of St. Ludmila.
Read more about beer.

Excellent, authentic beer near the church of St. Lyudmila. More about the beer.

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