Khuk Khak Beach beach - deserted and without infrastructure

The most deserted and most distant of the beaches of Khao Laka, which would be worth a rest. There are 3 more beaches to the north, where it is still more desert, but they are very far from the center of Khao Lak - Nang Tong Beach. Even on Khuk Khak beach you have to get on a bike or a taxi, what's the point to go further?

Moreover, already here you can be aloneon a great beach, in fact, for this here and go. So I would not consider other more northern beaches. At the same time, they are not only further, but also visually worse, since they are much less picturesque, and even pebbles on the beach will fall.

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Beach description

There is almost nothing here but wide and straight.sand bands and a densely growing grove of tall casuarine trees. Several large and good beach resorts are scattered along the beach and do not disturb the general atmosphere of privacy. For almost all four kilometers the beach is absolutely deserted. This is exactly how I liked it!

People are found only near the hotels andsmall cafes, of which only a few pieces on all four kilometers of the beach. In general, it is a paradise for those who are tired of the hustle and bustle and want to quietly sit in a lounge chair and relax to contemplate a cocktail without distracting themselves with crowds of beach vendors and offers of massage.

The road from the highway to the beach leads through the fields andpalm groves, large villages, as well as clusters of hotels in this area there. In addition to casuarinas, there are palm trees on the beach here and there, the ground beneath which, like a green carpet, is completely covered with a bind.

In the south, the beach is bordered by the beach. Bang niangthey are separated by a wide during the rainy season and stronglythe river, which is shallowing during the dry season, flows into the sea. In the north, the beach strip freely passes into a completely deserted beach called Pacarang. The boundary between them is conditional.

Sunset, depth and waves

Entry into the water here is slightly smoother than onthe more southern beaches are Bang Niang and Nang Thong. At low tide, the width of the sand strip becomes even larger, and the sea is several meters very shallow. But if you go a little ahead, you can swim. There are no big stones on the shore, again, unlike the neighboring beaches, at Khuk Khak.

Sun beds and shade

Tall trees along the beach give shade in the morningclock. The rest of the time, we must rely either on ourselves or on the sun loungers with umbrellas in front of large hotels, although some of them can only be intended for their guests. So better come in the morning.

Beach photo

I photographed from two different points in the southern part of the beach, but in general everything looks the same.

















Shops and attractions

On the beach, I met a couple of cafes not far from the resorts. On the road on the way to the beach, I saw literally one travel agency and a couple of small Thai shops. On the highway, too, is not thick with civilization.

By and large, if you go here, then youyou will have to be content with the infrastructure that the resorts themselves offer, eat in the hotel cafe, do a massage in the hotel itself, which can make your holiday a little more expensive, keep in mind. But the main dignity of this beach and its attraction - almost untouched by man nature and silence.

Houses and hotels on the beach

There are only a few large ones on the, while they are quite widely scattered along the coast. In the southern part of the beach, by the river, where it borders the Bang Niang beach, are located The Haven Khao Lak

and a large hotel complex Khaolak Orchid Beach Resort

, Khaolak Blue Lagoon Resort

with accommodation in pretty white houses and a beautiful area planted with palm trees.

One of the most luxurious resorts on the beach - Andamania Beach Resort


Significantly further north from them is the JW Marriott Khao Lak Resort and Spa

. More simple hotel Khaolak Relax Resort

is not on the first line, but along the road on the way to the beach.

Hotels in Khao Lak>

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How to find the beach

Several roads lead from the main road to the beach, which mainly lead to large beach resorts. Roads go through fields and palm groves. Look at the map, everything will be clear there.

Beach map

Khuk Khak Beach

Khuk Khak Beach
Deserted beach, where the entire infrastructure is represented by several hotels on the shore. Around the field and palm trees. The point is approximately in the middle of the beach, there were taken photos.
More about the beach.

Deserted beach, where the entire infrastructure is represented by several hotels on the shore. Around the field and palm trees. The point is approximately in the middle of the beach, there were taken photos. More about the beach.

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