Lana Beach (Lo Lana Beach) on Phi Phi Don - an abandoned beach

Beach Lo Lana on Phi Phi is the beach of oneresort consisting of bungalow houses. Rather, what remains of the once-pretty resort, and now it's just abandoned, overgrown with greenery at home. I assume that he suffered during the tsunami and the owners probably decided not to restore it.

And in general, I stole the suggestion thatOnce upon a time, Lana Bay looked much prettier and well-groomed. And now this is a thoroughly abandoned place with heaps of garbage in the bushes. Garbage is periodically cleaned - black bags lie on the shore for him, but it is difficult to say what frequency of cleaning. In the low season, during the monsoons, I think there is a garbage dump. It was possible to see the photos taken in the fall, so here - on the beach, just tin.

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Beach description

Scary shoal, you can sunbathe, swim -Not really. Lo Lana Bay is a flat sandy square of 460x460 meters, cut off from the sea by tall rocks to the right and left. Behind the beach, a small plain begins, which already after 250 meters passes into a lowland flooded with sea water, overgrown with mangroves.

The beach is not crowded, despite the fact that people are often brought here. Apparently rumors spread quickly and tourists are in no hurry to look at local rubbish and stones.

The sand on the beach is average scall, yellow, soft. Near the coast with grass it is almost clean, and closer to the sea it becomes larger and with a mass of impurities in the form of stones, corals and marine garbage.

Sunset, depth and waves

Despite seemingly shallow water, the water on LanaBeach does not go 200 meters from the shore, to the edge of the reef, but simply becomes shallower. Lana is not so pronounced ebbs and flows. I think that with high water here you can even swim. Compared with the next Lo Ba Baowhen some intermediate stage begins between ebb and flow, then Lo Ba Bao still needs to wait for high water, and on Lana one can safely splash in the sea.

By the way, at high tide the beach looks fine.prettier, you just need to step aside from the place where the boats are parked. To summarize - the tide is not so bad, and if you do not attach importance to the garbage and do not loop on the srach, then the beach is quite bubbly.

Sun beds and shade

Due to the fact that the beach is de facto wild,loungers here you will not find even broken ones. I did not see the rental, and all the tourists who come here on their own usually use their bamboo mats.

Shadows on the beach a lot, except for the right edge,where the territory is shaved for building and there is not a single tree for a hundred meters. But all the other meters of Lana Beach are dense vegetation and good shade.

Plus, this beach itself is facing north, and induring the day there is always where to hide from the sun. Rocks at the edges of the beach are at a distance from the water and do not give any shadow, you can not count on them.

Beach photo

Lana Beach (Lo Lana Beach) on Phi Phi Don - an abandoned beach

Lana Beach (Lo Lana Beach) on Phi Phi Don - an abandoned beach

Lana Beach (Lo Lana Beach) on Phi Phi Don - an abandoned beach
Lana Beach, Phi Phi Don Island

Lana Beach, Phi Phi Don Island

Lana Beach (Lo Lana Beach) on Phi Phi Don - an abandoned beach

Lana Beach (Lo Lana Beach) on Phi Phi Don - an abandoned beach

Lana Beach (Lo Lana Beach) on Phi Phi Don - an abandoned beach

Lana Beach (Lo Lana Beach) on Phi Phi Don - an abandoned beach

Lana Beach (Lo Lana Beach) on Phi Phi Don - an abandoned beach


Once there was a resort infrastructure here, butnow there is nothing but a line of concrete columns that denote its territory. Samih houses with the beach is almost invisible, no buildings such as a bar or restaurant on the shore left.

There is a small canopy for boatmen who are here.feel free and park along the entire shore without restrictions, lay out their goods and fuel canisters. Next to Lo Lana beach there is a small beach of Nui - a kind of attraction, which, in theory, can be reached through the jungle.

And to the east of Lo Lana there is a rather large beach with hotel infrastructure - Lo Ba Bao. The network sometimes come across recommendations snark from the coast near Lo Lang, they say - high-quality snork. But I personally did not check, so I will be glad to your comments.

Houses and hotels on the beach

Above, I have already outlined the situation with housing on the beach LoLana Bay. It is possible that better times will come for this place, but so far this is not the most interesting beach, without infrastructure and hotels. In principle, if you really like such places, a wild beach with a zabroshka - that is, a very real opportunity to settle in the neighborhood on Lo Ba Kao.

Under the link below, you will be transferred to the general on Phi Phi Don, but you click on the icon with the map and there already decide on accommodation options on Lo Lana Beach. The island is so small that Roomguru does not even try to share hotels along the beaches.

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How to find the beach

I do not recommend hiking through the wholetropical island, unless you are a trekking fan. But fans do not need additional clues, but an inexperienced person I recommend to contact the boatmen.

Taxi boat on Phi Phi Don - the best waydelivery to any beach of the island, just show the map and poke a finger at the desired beach. The price from Phi Phi Town to Lo Lana Beach is about 400 baht.

Beach map

Map of Lo Ba Bao, Lo Lana and Nui Beach beaches

Map of Lo Ba Bao, Lo Lana and Nui Beach beaches:

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