Lo Mo De Beach is the most beautiful beach on Phi Phi Don.

Lo Mo Di - is the closest wild to Phi Phi Townbeach. Well, or rather, how wild - just this beach is not very popular among tourists. At least, few people walk here, except that those who live on Long beach - they go about 15 minutes, not more. Residents of the rest of Phi Phi Don have to sail here in boats and spend money on it.

The beach as a whole is very nice and cozy, becausethat it is a secluded corner of the "uninhabited" island in a beautiful bay. In general, this entire area along the beach is very small and is surrounded on all sides by mountains, while the entire coastal strip, which is adjacent to the beach, is planted with palm trees.

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Beach description

A beautiful place near Phi Phi Town,Great beach for sealing. Four hundred meters of sand are bounded on the right and on the left by rocks, and on a large flat area behind Lo Mo Di Di is a man-made palm grove, with very tall palm trees. It looks amazing, especially when you get here in the morning, before the beginning of the embarkation of package tourists with excursions.

The sand on the beach is very fine, with debriscoral, almost white, fluffy (if dry) and for some reason does not muddle the water in the surf. The main emotion on Lo Mo Di is a deep, satisfied exhalation. I think that you yourself know that state when a person is immersed in beauty: words are not needed, and delight is transmitted only by the number and frequency of sighs.

Lo Mo Di is paradise. The main thing to come here in the high season and not at low tide hours.

Sunset, depth and waves

The beach is quite shallow, even at high tide you needdepart meters, so, at 50, so it was on the neck. And, nevertheless, you can swim at Lo Mo Di. The bottom is clean for hundreds of meters under water, until the flat surface goes sharply into the depth - a half-dead coral reef begins there.

In general, this is a classic Pipian beach, whichIt looks breathtakingly at high water, and at low tide it turns into a lunar surface. On the one hand, it’s cool for kids who cook in hot water with pleasure. On the other hand, those who like to hang in the water with their feet will have to walk far from the shore. Waves on Lo Mo Di happen only in bad weather.

Sun beds and shade

Another five or seven years ago were on this beachonly palm trees, bushes and a bar made of planks where the eternally sleeping Thai lay. The bar is still there, too. In addition to drinks, the bar offers to rent deck chairs at 100 baht. The scale of rent is decent, half of the beach is covered with sunbeds. But there are not many people in general. If you do not take into account the influx of organized groups, then on my arrival there was, I think, about 20 people in total.

Shadows are many, the shadow is different, mostly natural,from the palm grove and other deciduous trees, the name of which I constantly forget. If you know Thai trees by name and appearance - send your comments, it will be useful to all readers.

Beach photo

Beach Lo Mo Di

Beach Lo Mo Di


As I wrote above, Lo Mo Mo Di hasyour bar, and it does not offer anything except drinks: water, soda and beer. Prices, of course - with a surcharge for delivery to the beach, and for the heavy sleep of the Thai near the foam refrigerator.

Also, when I brought a large group on a boatChinese tourists, which noisily began to settle down, eat and swim. I suppose they stopped here for lunch during their tour. In general, the infrastructure of the beach, how to say it ... beach. Bar, lounge chairs, taxi-boats that are on duty here, that's all.

Behind the beach, in the hills there is a large reservoir, and in the depths of the palm face there are industrial buildings of a coconut plantation.

Houses and hotels on the beach

On All Lo Mo Di - only a few bungalowsempty and commercial buildings. Apparently, all this land belongs to someone to one owner. If you go here by land, then at the entrance to the grove you will see a barrier and a sign with a warning that this is a private territory, although the barrier is open and I have not had problems with access. The beach is purely for seals, not for life.

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How to find the beach

Council common to all the beaches of Phi Phi Don - the boatman. True, for a trip with Tonsai require as much as 600 baht. If you feel in yourself the strength and mood of a pedestrian walk, then go along the only Tonsai Embankment Walkway in the direction of the Viking Hotel, then go Long Beach and after it you will go to Lo Mo Di.

There is a second trekking - through the mountains, on the same road that leads to Phi Phi Don Viewpoints, but there is no need to turn to the jungle on a primer, but you should persevere through the concrete to the end. If you're lucky, the Thais can pick you up on a pickup truck, it’s on that road instead of an elevator.

Beach map

Map of Lo Mo Di Beach

Map of the beach Lo Mo Di:

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