Beach Plai Laem Beach - a place in the north where you can meet the sunset

Beach Plai Laem is located onnortheast tail of the island, which Samui stretches towards Koh Phangan. Despite the small size of this tail, - as many as seven beaches are located on its shores. Due to the geographical location of this part of Samui, all seven beaches are facing west, north and east. Play Lam looks to the west.

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Beach description

The length of Plai Laema is 2.6 km. The beach begins opposite the water sculptures of the Ko Fan island (Ko Fan), on which Samui’s main attraction is the Big Buddha. Playa Laem beach ends with cliffs on the northern part of Samui. The width of the beach near the Big Buddha is about 10 m and is maintained down to the artificial canal dug closer to the middle of the beach for the needs of fishermen.

Immediately located Pier Pier and a largecongestion boats. Behind the pier and to the very end, the beach gradually expands to 20 m. The sand is large and brown all over, with admixture of coral fragments.

The cleanliness of the beach is maintained opposite the resorts,of which there are many. The rest of Play Lam retains its virgin look, which includes sea garbage, seaweed and old coconuts. The sea in the area of ​​Play Lam is cupable, but more suitable for contemplation, without causing any special desire to enter it.

People are not so much as on the neighboring Bang rake. Tong Sae and Chong Monet. The overall impression of the beach Play Lam - a neglected paradise for fishermen and savages. And this is the only place where you can see four beaches of Samui from one point: Play lam. Bang Rak. Bo Put and Mae Nam.

In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have a short overview of all the beaches of Samui, will help you decide on the choice of the beach.

Sunset, depth and waves

Sunset on the Playa Lame is hampered by stonesshallow water and fragments of coral. From the Big Buddha to the pier the bottom has a silty coating with small pebbles, which is unpleasant to walk barefoot. Especially well you can consider the contents of the bottom at low tide, when the sea goes 100-200 meters from the coast.

And here is the mouth of the stream, whichdiverts water from the temple of Wat Plai Laem, which stands on the pond. More or less clean, this beach starts after the pier. Waves on Play Lam happen during storms, and in strong winds. For the most part, the sea behaves very calmly, but with children it is better to swim in the neighboring Tongsone or Tongsae.

Sun beds and shade

Natural shade on the beach a lot, oftenpalms bent towards the water come across that allow you to take great pictures with an island mood. With sun beds tight, because along the coast there are only a dozen of resorts that do not rent sun beds. Almost no restaurants and cafes.

Beach photo








The entertainment on Play Lame is modest: boat rental with driver for sea trips, fishing and kayak rental. There are several Thai grocery stores in the area, but the main life begins on the Ring Road. There are 711 mini-markets, laundries, water mats and Thai cafes.

To large supermarkets to go about 5-7 km,it's ten minutes by car, if without traffic jams and slowly. Nearby is a store with latex products. Nearby attractions for living in Play Lam:

  • Temple Pla Laem Sor (Plai Laem Sor);
  • Big Buddha (Big Buddha);
  • alley hongsa;

Two kilometers from the beach is the airport of Koh Samui. It turns out good shots of aircraft that are sent to land in the direction of Bang Rakawhere the runway is located. Airplanes are a little noisy, but without discomfort for the ears.

The price of a taxi to the airport is one of the lowest.on samui And in the sea, opposite the mouth of the stream, which diverts water from the Temple of Play Lam Sor, stands a sculpture of a mermaid. With big breasts, like all female figures of Koh Samui.






Houses and hotels on the beach

The entire coast of Playa Laam is occupied by a dozen resorts of different levels of comfort and cost of rent. Half a kilometer from the beach is the newly built condominium Samui Emerald

Beach Plai Laem Beach - a place in the north where you can meet the sunset


There are several serious hotels and a lotwastelands. There are also industrial objects: water pumping station, port, fishing houses, warehouses. Rental homes are available for those who are not looking for a house by the sea. In the depths of the island there are several offers at different prices, which can be viewed in the corresponding section of the site.

On the northern edge of the beach there is a large building right on the rocks and the coastal territory. The island is gradually being developed.


In addition to hotels on the beach, you can rent a variety ofon the interior and area of ​​the villa, from more standard, such as Shower of Sunshine, using natural materials and Thai motifs in the decor, like Angthong Villa, to ultra modern ones, such as bright and stylish Shades of Blue

Beach Plai Laem Beach - a place in the north where you can meet the sunset


If you want to book a hotel here in advance or search for accommodation on other beaches, I have a selection of hotels in Samui with a good rating and reviews.

Hotels in Play Lam>

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How to find the beach

In order to get to the beach, you just needturn to the side of the sea at any place of the road, after you pass Big Buddha. There is a lot of travel, both individual and through the territory of the resorts adjacent to the sea. For the article was chosen the golden mean, parking near the pumping station and easy access to the beach, immediately after the artificial channel.





Beach map

Play Lam beach map

Map of Play Lam Beach:

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