Relax Beach (Relax Beach) - where to relax on Koh Lanta

Relax Beach is a small beach that follows right after Long beach and it is possible that administrativelyto him, or rather to the village of Ban Phra Ae. But Relax is located at a great distance from the main Long Beach, so people-tourists do not consider it to be nothing more than a beach near Relax Bay Resort.

Cozy, wide, hidden from passing carsover two hundred meters of palm groves and rural buildings. Not the cleanest of the beaches available on Lanta. It came to my eyes that there are no longtails on Lanta, which in the rest of Thailand like to stand parked along any beach. On the island, this type is prohibited by law, and indeed - I did not see them either on Long Beach, or on Klong Dao. But on Relax Beach, there were about five of them in the party.

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Beach description

The sand on Relax Beach is the same as on all beaches.Lanta: white-yellow in dry form, and dark yellow in wet. In the water under your feet come across a lot of small stones and corals - this is very well observed at low tide.

The whole beach is a strip of sand 12-15 meters wideand a length of about 450 meters with rounded edges of stones - a characteristic profile of the Thai "bay". In addition to stone heaps on land, at the boundaries of Relax Beach, there are stones under water, especially on the left side of the beach (if you are facing the sea), and on the right side there are much fewer.

The beach, on the one hand, well maintained. It is seen that in those areas that are adjacent to the resorts, the sand is cleaned and combed with a rake. But the desert spans of the coast are filled with sea and human garbage, which is not always cleaned in time. I would say that this is a beach for those who love semi-wild or wild places, without amenities, but without crowding. A maximum of one or two days, then it will become boring here.

Sunset, depth and waves

If you face the sea in front of the centralRelax Beach Beach on Lanta, then on the right you will have a cleaner entrance to the water, and on the left - stony and stumbling. Therefore, Relax Beach during low tides on the Lanta remains cupable to the right, and stones are left to the left, and no one goes to bathe here - it will not work.

At low tide, I measured, you need to move 10 meters fromcoast, and the depth will be about the neck, and at high tide everything looks much more interesting. Already in about five meters it will be about the neck and you will be able to swim almost the entire length of the beach: the water level is enough to swim with your legs down. People are not so much as you get used to see on the beaches in Thailand, so the atmosphere of relaxation is definitely present here.

Sun beds and shade

Shadow on the beach absent for a secondhalf a day The reason is that the beach is well washed by the waves, and all the old trees have long been demolished, leaving only a wide sandy space. And all the trees closest to the sea grow in a private area, where you just can’t stop and throw a towel in the shade.

There is a good natural shadow on the far edges.the edges of the beach, at any time of the day, but this pleasure is leveled by the unwillingness of the flanks. Whatever one may say, but lovers of swimming on Relax Beach will have to walk a lot under the sun. Sun beds and umbrellas are in the coastal cafes, a lot, but only for their customers.

Beach photo

Relax Beach on Lanta

Relax Beach on Lanta

Left half Relax Beach on Lanta at low tide

Left half Relax Beach on Lanta at low tide


The entire beach is made up of cafes a la "Bamboo Style", where they prepare food, sell drinks and offer loungers.

From Relax Beach on Lanta to the main roadrelatively close, but the infrastructure of the village of Ban Phra E on the road itself is poorer than it was on Long Beach or Klong Dao. There is a paintball, a couple of shops, some buildings, moto service and many vacant lots.

I would say that the beach is more suitable for singlevisits, than to stay, although if you move on foot, and not on a motorbike - then there is everything you need for a tourist on vacation. Especially since Long Beach itself, with its infrastructure at its side.

Houses and hotels on the beach

The choice of Relax Beach is not particularly rich, so the selection of options is offered not by rating housing, but purely by availability. On the first line are located:

  • Lazy days bungalows
  • Andaman bay bungalow
  • Relax bay resort

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How to find the beach

Judging by the map, there are two trips to Relax Bay, and II drove through only one of them - this is normal concrete, straight, and leads from the main road to the sea. Landmark for turning - a pointer towards Lanta Happy Hill

But one should not turn to Happy Hill, but to the sea. The road to the beach is good, 200 meters without primers and ends with parking right on the shore, with places for bike and car. If you go by taxi, then you will reach without problems, and if you are on your own, then the navigator will help you - all points are on the map below.

Beach map

Relax Beach Card

Map of Relax Beach:

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