Tao Beach or Tortoise - near the mountain of Khao Tao

Tao beach is on the same stretch of coast as the beaches Takib and Suan Son: between the mountains of Takiab and Tao, closer to the last. It is separated from the mountain by a canal, a fishing village along its shores and a bay.

It is quite wide (about a hundred meters), a sloping sandy stretch of coast, with no signs of stones, resembling the city beach of Hua Hin - in its poorly populated, unpopular places.

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Beach description

If we consider the beach as a place comfortable for swimming and sunbathing, then Tao beach refers to that with some stretch:

a) Here there is no familiar infrastructure in the form of sun loungers, umbrellas, sports equipment rental and, sorry, the toilet.

b) Sandy beach: coarse sand + shells, but so shallow that Siam, however hard it may be, cannot reach it. For hundreds of meters in the sea - water ankle-deep. If you want to take a dip, you torment yourself. At low tide, the sea and leaves behind a huge valley.

For those in Hua Hin on a short stay, thisthe beach may not be interesting: there is better and closer to the city. But for wintering people, who have a lot of time, and the “old” beaches are tired, Thao beach will be very useful. Mainly - its close proximity to The Temple of the Turtle (Wat Tham KhaoTao)from where the coast is in full view. So, the beach and the temple can be considered comprehensively.

The Temple of the Turtle - a kind of place, replica,a kind of mix of all sorts of things, in disarray scattered inside and outside the rock, but united by footbridges, paths, trails. It is worth spending a couple of hours of personal time on it at least for the magnificent views opening from the headwater. And then finish the cultural program with a rest on the Tao beach.

The beach is partly shady: the coast is trimmed with vegetation. Calm: mostly locals or fishermen wander here. Naturally clean: there is no one to clean up or litter.

There are several hotels in the vicinity of the beach and a good one.a restaurant. On the coast - a decent hotel, consisting of villas for any number of company. Part of the houses - overlooking the sea. Prices - from 3 thousand baht / night (low season) to 12 thousand baht (high season).

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Houses and hotels on the beach

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How to get to Tao

Tao Beach is located approximately 11-12 km south ofHua Hin (from Market Village). No shuttle buses available. You can get on the car / bike. Drive on Phetkasem Rd. to the pointer “Hua Hin - 101” and - to the left. The road will lead to the Temple of the Turtle on Mount Tao (if you drive straight) and to the coast (if you turn on one of the jays).

Tao Beach on the map

Map of Khao Tao Beach

Map of Khao Tao Beach:

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