Top hotels in Khao Lak - my selection based on reviews and ratings.

Khao Lak - not very famous for Russian touristsdirection. Some people know the national park with the same name, but few people note that there are also some good and not touristy beaches in the resort of the same name Khao Lak nearby. You read my review of this resort and an overview of its best beachesyou might like it too. The place is just great, especially for a relaxed and relaxing beach holiday. And it is only an hour and a half by car from Phuket International Airport, which, by the way, cheap flights are regularly available.

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Khao Lak Beach

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Briefly about the beach

Very picturesque beach. Tall trees bordering a wide strip of sand, with a rope swing on the branches. Here and there, dark boulders protruding from the sand, almost wild jungles on the southern edge of the beach - in general, a pleasant place for a romantic getaway. In the village near the beach of civilization is not very much, but if you live in a large resort, then everything you need to rest will be at hand.

And if you want more unity with nature, in the south there are simple bungalows right among the jungle and at the same time close to the beach. Read more about the beach with photos and descriptions.


MJ Boutique Hotel Khao Lak

Price per room: from 1400 baht

On the one hand, MJ Boutique Hotel Khao Lak

This is a typical small Thai guest house.located in a building of several floors. The hostess of the hotel is very attentive and attentive to guests who leave completely enchanted by this place. The hotel is located well: the sea with the beach is close (the sea is visible and even audible) and the main road with infrastructure.

The hotel rooms are very clean and Without any frills, but cute. In general, you can see the caring hand of the hostess in everything, the atmosphere in the hotel is pleasant and almost homely, so this is a great option for a stop for a few days and a budget holiday in the resort.

Poseidon bungalows

Price per room: from 1500 Baht

Poseidon bungalows

- a secluded hotel in the very south of the beach, on the outskirts. Simple bungalows stand on high stilts, right in the jungle. Around a lot of wildlife, especially in the evenings and at night.

Therefore, the sound at night is noisy. The beach near the hotel is very beautiful and secluded. Inside the bungalows are quite slim in terms of furnishings, so the hotel is primarily lovers of the romance of wild and unspoiled nature, who for a time can put up with restrictions on the amount of benefits of civilization.

More expensive

Briza Beach Resort

Price per room: from 3600 baht

Four Star Hotel Briza Beach Resort

located right on the beach, in a very beautiful place. First of all, the number and size of the resort pools, well-planned territory, stylish buildings of modern architecture are impressive. The rooms are very bright, with a beautiful view of the pool and the sea.

The hotel has a children's pool and a, so it is suitable for families with children. Well-groomed territory and attentive staff are the main advantages of the hotel. In walking distance to the hotel there are cafes and shops, which is very convenient.

Of the minuses can be called a small amount of animation and entertainment. This hotel is more suitable for a quiet relaxed beach holiday. Russian at the hotel a bit. However, as in the entire resort.

Khaolak Merlin Resort

Price per room: from 5700 baht

At the five-star Khaolak Merlin Resort

perfectly planned and well-kept area withpools, fountains, waterfalls, greenery and flowers. Buildings of the hotel are made based on Thai national architecture, a lot of natural materials, stone and wood.

Surrounded by the sounds of nature gives the impressionprivacy and privacy. At the same time, there is a cafe nearby and the beach is also nearby. As always in such places, the hotel has excellent service, good breakfasts, comfortable sunbathing areas and large swimming pools.

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Nang Thong Beach

Briefly about the beach

One of the most popular beaches of Khao Laka. In the village, adjacent to the beach, the most developed infrastructure in comparison with other places of the resort. All that is needed for tourists: hotels, cafes, restaurants, shops, travel agencies, ATMs - is located along the main road that runs along the coast at a distance of about 15 minutes walk.

The locality is called Bang La He and stronglystretched along the highway. Most budget hotels are located here. Near the sea, overlooking the beach are large expensive resorts. The beach itself is picturesque, with dark boulders protruding from the water and sand on the shore. There is a place where to take a walk and the contingent of vacationers is extremely peaceful - mostly European pensioners.

Read more about the beach with photos and descriptions.


Wandee Bed & Breakfast

Price per room: from 600 baht

Wandee Bed & Breakfast

offers guests two types of settlement: rooms and small bungalow houses. The hotel is located 10 minutes from the beach, next to it are many cafes and shops, 7 Eleven is five minutes walk. In general, everything you need is within walking distance from the hotel. The decor of the hotel is modest and simple, but everything is clean and tidy.

The hotel has normal hot water, Wi-Fi andcafe downstairs. The staff is also friendly, always ready to help. In general, this is a typical Thai guesthouse with very simple and typical rooms, but with a friendly and pleasant atmosphere for a small price.

Rakkawan residence

Price per room: from 3200 baht

Rakkawan residence

- a small family hotel, very new and clean. Rooms are located on several floors of the building with a nice fresh finish. As often happens with this kind of hotel, especially in Thailand - guests here are treated very carefully, surrounded with care and attention.

The hotel is located a stone’s throw from the main road.while the rooms are not noisy. Around it is full of cafes and shops, and you need to walk to the beach just 10 minutes. The hotel is convenient for both a short-term transit stop and a budget holiday resort. The rooms are functional, comfortable, though simple in design.

Breakfast at the hotel is also normal, but quite good. The hotel also has a family room with a kitchenette, which is convenient. That is, it is a good option for almost all cases and with very good reviews from guests. By the way, there are almost no Russians in the hotel.

More expensive

Khaolak Bhandari Resort & Spa

Price per room: from 3600 baht

Khaolak Bhandari Resort & Spa

very conveniently located - both near the beach and inwalking distance to the main street of the village, where there is everything that a tourist may need: cafes, restaurants, shops, shops with souvenirs, ATMs, etc.

The hotel is interesting because the houses, villas in itmade in the national style and with ethnic Thai motifs in the interiors. Inside, they are light, spacious, with lots of natural materials in the decoration.

This applies not only to homes, but to the wholeterritory. It is perfectly planned, well-groomed and very green, a real garden. With ponds, flowers, paths. The hotel’s villas are arranged in rows along a decorative pond with blooming lotuses. Very romantic place.

As for the mundane, the hotel is goodThe breakfasts and the restaurant are generally quite good, the rooms are well equipped, there is a spacious swimming pool with a bar, there is a spa, the staff are polite and helpful. We liked the hotel very much! Beautiful houses, beautiful grounds, smiling and friendly staff. The hotel mostly rest Europeans, the atmosphere is friendly and quiet.

Moracea by Khao Lak Resort

Price per room: from 4100 baht

Beautiful and romantic hotel Moracea by Khao Lak Resort

located right by the sea, that is to say,what is this hotel with its beach. Although in general in Thailand all beaches are legally public, so usually along the beach you can walk freely, including by the beaches of hotels.

But the stretch of beach adjacent to the hotel is carefully cleaned and comfortable loungers are placed on it for hotel guests. The best places here are bungalows on the second line, next to the pool.

From them you will see the sea and the beach, with moreprivacy. The beach near the hotel is good and comfortable for swimming, there are few people on it. The hotel has everything new, bungalows from natural materials, well-groomed green territory, friendly and helpful staff. You can of course not go out, everything is in the hotel, but the prices are a bit overpriced.

The main advantage of the hotel, except for purely visualattractiveness and comfort - in a relaxed and quiet atmosphere. Pensioners are dominating among the vacationers, so everything is calm and decent. A minus follows from the plus - it can be boring for families with children, as there is no children's animation in the hotel.

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Bang Niang Beach

Briefly about the beach

Bang Niang Beach - one of the two mostinfrastructurally developed and popular beaches of Khao Laka. The best beach resorts are probably here. Its southern part is the most comfortable and cute, and in the northern one along the coast there are large beach hotels.

I lived on Bang Niang in a quiet inexpensive bungalow The garden10 minutes walk from the sea, because then I really wanted something straight in the straw house to live, but this is an amateur, so you are not offering.

Read more about the beach with photos and descriptions.


Parisia Guesthouse

Price per room: from 800 baht

Very democratic backpacker Parisia Guesthouse

located on the main street of the town. About halfway from the highway to the beach. That is, to the sea from it about 10 minutes on foot. Around are located about the same simple hotels, local cafes, etc. Parisia is the name of the hostess of the hotel, thanks to the incredible sociability and courtesy of which, the guests are almost delighted with this place. By themselves, the interiors of the rooms are very close and typical Thai hotel rooms. But all celebrate the cleanliness and homely atmosphere. Affordable breakfasts and international company of guests make this hotel attractive for young and mobile travelers who need to stay somewhere near the beach for a couple of nights and go further.

Ruk cozy

Price per room: from 1000 baht

Small hotel Ruk Cozy

located at the crossroads, near the main highway,in the center of the village. From the beach you need to walk 15-20 minutes on foot. Despite the proximity of the main road, the hotel rooms are quiet, because the windows overlook the vegetation of tropical vegetation, not the highway. The design of hotel rooms is modern and functional, pleasant, with comfortable furniture. The hotel is very clean.

Near the hotel is the Tsunami Museum, and throughthe road is the local market and 7 eleven. Also literally next door is an ATM and you can find around a lot of good cafes with local and European cuisine. Hotel guests also note the friendliness and courtesy of the owner, a wonderful hotel swimming pool. Together with a very affordable price, all this makes the hotel a very attractive option for mobile and preferring to settle closer to the center of tourists' life.

More expensive

Sea sand sun resort

Price per room: from 1700 baht

Sea Sand Sun Resort - a small family hotel, just 7 bungalows. The interiors of the houses are simple, but functional, comfortable and designed in a calm classic style.

Hotel advantages: green and well-groomed territory, cozy terraces, homely atmosphere, very friendly and helpful hostess, who prepares breakfasts herself. Just five minutes walk many cafes and restaurants, to the sea, too, just a few minutes walk. In terms of price, quality is a very good place and the rating of the hotel is high. The only negative is no pool.

Ramada Khao Lak Resort

Price per room: from 5900 baht

Ramada Khao Lak Resort

very well located - and the place is calm and the beach is beautiful and close to civilization.

From the hotel you can easily walk to the town with allinfrastructure available there. The place on the beach where the hotel is located is the most convenient for swimming and meeting sunsets, and if you walk a little to the left, further south along the beach, there will be very few people. Service and staff at the hotel at a high level, guest reviews, they are good. Advantages of the hotel: cleanliness, wonderful breakfasts, spacious swimming pool.

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Khuk Khak Beach

Briefly about the beach

Khuk Khak - the most crowded beach resort of KhaoLuck (and that everyone likes him very much). A straight and wide strip of yellow sand, not carved by stones, as on other beaches, is framed on one side by the boundless sea, on the other - a grove of densely growing and high casuarine trees with splashes of palm trees and another tropical vegetation.

Directly to the beach go territoryseveral expensive resorts scattered along the length of the beach and do not violate the overall picture of unity with nature. If you move further north along the beach, there will be a cape called coral, followed by beaches and hotels. For example, a popular hotel Manatai (Manathai Khao Lak), but I personally north of Khuk Khak beach would not go to rest. Read more about the beach with photos and descriptions.


Khaolak Relax Resort

Price per room: from 635 baht

Small and cute hotel Khaolak Relax Resort

located in Khuk Khak Beach area, but not onfirst line to the beach from him need a little walk. A 10-minute walk from the hotel you can find cafes and restaurants. If you rent a bike or motorcycle, then get to the beach and cafes will have no difficulty. Prices for accommodation here are affordable and the atmosphere is almost homely.

The hotel area is very green, with manyflowers and bushes. Thatched roof and tree in the decoration of buildings, the view of the field and the pond with frogs from the terraces add to the hotel a rustic charm. The owners of the hotel are very friendly to the guests and always ready to help. Guest reviews for this place are very good. There is nothing special to do here, except to have a relaxed rest, sitting at a table or sunbathing by the ponds in the courtyard.

Khaolak Blue Lagoon Resort

Price per room: from 3400 baht

Four-star Khaolak Blue Lagoon Resort

It offers guests accommodation in pretty white bungalow houses located along the banks of a picturesque fish pond. The hotel area is quiet, green and well appointed.

Swimming pool and common areas are locatedunder tall palm trees overlooking the sea. And you can sunbathe or watch the sunset on comfortable sun loungers with umbrellas set along the beach on site. The prices in the hotel restaurant are quite reasonable, a good selection of dishes of local and European cuisine.

The interiors of the hotel rooms are quite simple, withoutspecial delights, but reviews of guests about the hotel are mostly very good, especially note the friendliness and courtesy of the staff. This is a great place for beach relaxation and enjoying quiet outdoor recreation, surrounded by palm trees and tropical bushes with birds chirping in them.

More expensive

The haven khao lak

Price per room: from 5200 baht

Impressively chic The Haven Khao Lak hotel complex

It is located on a long and narrow peninsula that forms the river that flows into the sea, separating Khuk Khak from the more southern beach of Bang Niang.

This is a five star hotel with a high rating andgood reviews. Small bungalow houses and rooms are located along the complex's elongated pools framing the entire territory. Thus, almost all hotel guests have the opportunity to enjoy the view at the same time and to the sea and to the swimming pool’s own section directly below the windows.

The interior design of the hotel is modern, roomsspacious. Lovers of entertainment, however, there will be boring. The main contingent of vacationers here are elderly couples. And there are almost no Russians at all. From after-dinner entertainment, the hotel can only offer billiards, animation once a week and free transfer to the nearest town twice a day. But the sunsets and the beach here are just gorgeous.

JW Marriott Khao Lak Resort and Spa

Price per room: from 5700 baht

Five Star JW Marriott Khao Lak Resort and Spa

is far from civilization (in the form of local shops, markets and cafes), but the territory of the hotel is very extensive and it is located on the first line, right by the beach.

Hotel guests especially celebrate the gorgeous hugepool stretching along the cabins and very good breakfasts. In addition, of course, the staff and various services at the hotel at a height. The territory is well-groomed and green, with flowering trees and shrubs. If you want a comfortable and relaxed beach holiday, this hotel is perfect for you.

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P.S. A separate post described all the ways how to get from Phuket to Khao Lak.

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