Bicycle - a faithful companion in the campaign

Someone likes to look at the natural beauty ofjeep windows, someone prefers closer contact with the road, carrying a backpack on their shoulders, and someone likes riding a bicycle, in a quiet and healthy rhythm to learn new tracks.

To the one who decided to experience the pleasures thatgives cycling, you should start your experiences with the selection of a good bike. The main selection criteria are very simple: comfort, reliability and durability, weight and speed. Fans of traveling over rough terrain should also take into account the efforts that the chosen bike will require from the rider a bicycle when climbing a mountain. The priorities of all these qualities each sets independently, but many experienced cyclists consider the driving characteristics of the bicycle and the strength of its construction to be the most important. After this comes weight and comfort, and speed is put on the last place, since the main factor determining the speed in cycling trips is the presence of obstacles and the complexity of road conditions.

Many bicycle manufacturers make it easytourist problem of choice, releasing a whole line of two-wheeled cars. For example, hybrid trek bicycles combine in their design the permeability of a mountain bike and the speed of a road bike.

Mountain bikers are especially popular with cyclists.bicycles specially designed for driving on difficult to go dirt roads. They are distinguished by reliability and endurance, but as touring cars have their drawbacks. On sandy roads, they move without problems, but on clay stony ground they are harder to move: the tread is clogged with clay, and wide tires require great effort to move. Perhaps, merida mountain bikes, specially adapted for difficult ground conditions, behave better than others on the roads.

Universal transport for cycling cancount light bikes, thanks to their versatility. With the options of a road bike, this type of car goes well through difficult sections of the route, and the racing qualities allow you to quickly pass less interesting sections for the tourist. The rear wheel sprockets are removable, so before the trip you can set the most suitable for this route.

Mountain bikes will be useful to cyclists inWeekend trips, as well as on short rides in the style of "free ride" Free Ride while driving along paths with steep ascents and descents, along ravines and off-road.

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