Bought a new lens through this blog!

Just yesterday, I bought myself a new Canon lens.24-105L for 32,000 rubles. Heavy so big, unusually so. Finally, now I can “throw away” my cheap kit lens by default. About what we have technique I wrote here - What do we shoot in the journey.

But all this I say is not to boast (although I am really very happy and pleased), but to show that even a simple travel blog can be of monetary benefit.

Trying to monetize a blog I started somewherein the autumn, the truth is really engaged only in the spring of this year. That is, from that moment about 8 months have passed, if we take the entire period. During this time, until now I have earned about 50 thousand rubles on it. Of course, many will say that it is not enough, but if a blog is a hobby and there is another main income, then for me it is not bad at all. This is certainly not our case, because we want to reach such a level that it is possible to live only through our sites. But in reality, such a blog can be maintained simply in addition to the work, no matter whether it is remote or office.

So, if I tried to earn morestandard ways for the blog (guards, articles, links), then I would be able to buy two lenses, at least. But I already wrote that I didn’t like this type of earnings much, I won’t repeat, who cares, here How much do we earn on travel blog and how.

In general, here is my purchase, business for small. Another pair of similar lenses and another carcass, after which the whole epic with the update of photographic equipment can be completed. Well, or start a new circle :)

Update. By mid-autumn (that is, six months later), the technology update is completed - another lens and a new carcass. I don’t want to make a new circle yet, I think this set will be enough for a couple of years.

Our new Canon 24-105L lens

Our new Canon 24-105L lens

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