Cafe Snake - the only institution at Zmeikovskie waterfalls

Cafe "Snake" near Zmeykovsky waterfalls in Sochi- This is a monopolist restaurant of all the sights. The restaurant was built right on the river bed, and its two halves are connected by a small pedestrian bridge - an excellent viewpoint, by the way, for shooting the first Zmeikovsky waterfall. If you look at the waterfall, then to the right will be the main building on two floors, with a kitchen and a cashier at the entrance to the trekking. And to the left - covered wooden arbours with a gravel yard, apparently it is needed for the high season, when the flow of tourists exceeds the limit. In April 2018, I walked here almost alone in splendid isolation.

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Zmeikovskie waterfalls in Sochi

Zmeykovsky waterfalls - it's a big naturallandmark near the Big Sochi. A quite tolerable road passes there, and every driver who knows how to turn the steering wheel on a car of any type can get there - no off road and dangerous serpentines. The place is amazingly beautiful, with organized trekking along the route from the lowest waterfall, where the Snake Cafe stands, to the highest one, where I have not yet reached. A more detailed description of my trip to the waterfalls can be found here - Zmeikovskiye waterfalls in Sochi - 4 pieces.

The first (bottom) Zmeykovsky waterfall in Sochi

The first (bottom) Zmeykovsky waterfall in Sochi

Cafe Snake

Cafe "Snake" is at the end of the dirt track,which even the understated Priora will easily pass, not to mention ordinary human sedans. You can either park on the side of the road before arriving at a cafe, or on a site near the Snake, which is reserved only for guests of the establishment. I don’t know how they figure out who the guest is for them and who is an outsider, but there’s really little space, literally 7-10 cars with very tight parking. I left the car in advance, good - the roadside is wide. If you wish, you can even turn around on this road, without the risk of falling into a mountain stream.

The interior of the cafe "Snake" rather mediocre,as for me, so they are not particularly invested in the delights of design. But everything was built soundly, impressively and firmly. The angular booths at the entrance to the territory are some kind of security buildings, and the main building of the cafe was attempted to be semi-circular. Apparently from those considerations, to make the side facing the waterfall, with the same view for all guests of the institution. The view is really chic. Not to say that the panoramic - still "Snake" stands at the base of the cliff, and besides the waterfall and the gray walls, there’s really nothing to look at.

The furniture in the Snake Cafe is massive tables andbenches on the first floor, and more cultural tables and tables made of metal and wood - on the second. The top floor, in fact, is an open balcony, where umbrellas are installed above the tables to protect from the sun and rain. I chose the bottom floor and ordered a lamb skewers, hodgepodge and a bottle of Borjomi. I waited literally for about 10 minutes, after which I received an order and gastronomic euphoria - they really cook delicious! Here, ten points out of ten. At the same time, the service was quite correct, and somehow family-like, personal. Without extra curtsies and strained smiles, but somehow very openly, positively and kindly.

Snake Cafe in Sochi, on Zmeikovskie waterfalls

Snake Cafe in Sochi, on Zmeikovskie waterfalls

Information to visit

The establishment is open from 10 am to 10 pm

In the evening there are gray paint and cool. I would recommend the Snake Cafe for an afternoon snack or lunch.

Parking for 7-10 cars specifically for guests of the institution, but in high season will most likely be tightly packed with cars.

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Cafe Snake

Cafe Snake
Cafe with an excellent barbecue. It is one here. It is also suitable for coming to eat in nature, and not only when visiting waterfalls.
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Cafe with an excellent barbecue. It is one here. It is also suitable for coming to eat in nature, and not only when visiting waterfalls. More details.

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