Cafe Del Mar in Sochi - a cafe where you want to go back

One of the most pleasant impressions of minetrips to Sochi (2018). Cafe Del Mar belongs to the network of cool restaurants Delmar Family, which brings together six institutions, and I have already managed to visit two of them. I wrote separately about the trip to the Tubeteika cafe hereand now just a few words about why Cafe Del Mar for me is not just one of the cafes among dozens of the same Primorskaya street in Sochi, and the place where you want to return. Regardless of the merciless price tag and pandemonium on the waterfront.

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Cafe Del Mar in Sochi

In Del Mar Cafe I was deliberately headedhaving previously read reviews and recommendations, but without particularly going into details, to leave a “place” for your opinion. I didn’t guess the time of the visit, so I’m not going to please you with amazing pictures of the sunset sky and the lonely yacht on the horizon. But on the other hand, I managed to take pictures of all the dining areas of the cafes, which differ from each other in both view and comfort. Taking into account the fact that the main building of the cafe "DelMar" is two-storied, the guests of the institution have a choice between four different locations.

The most profitable and most popular option -This is a summer terrace on the second floor. It is quiet there, there is a play area for children, the best view of the sea and the most comfortable sofas in the cafe. In the evening it is perfect here, but in the morning and in the heat of the day it is better to hide on the ground floor, where the bar counter stands. Here you will find a few tables with sofas and the same number with chairs. Only one table, the most distant, has a view in the left corner. The remaining two dining areas are on the street: double tables right on the waterfront and double tables downstairs on the beach. There are already lying places with bags filled with foam balls.

In addition to the excellent choice of location, here is amazingwell-mannered staff. I would not be surprised if I find out that they are all with a higher education and a level of English not lower than Upper Intermediate. The waiter was a young man who perfectly fulfilled his duties until the moment when I wanted to pay. There was a hitch here - the guy was worn between the tables, but he stubbornly didn’t look in my direction, he probably thought that you could ignore me until sunset. Half an hour later, I was even slightly upset and in hindsight put a minus institution. But calmly went to the checkout and asked for the bill. It happens. I didn't want to spoil my mood at all.

Especially because the ordered bucket of red mullet andbranded lemonade orange-passion fruit turned out well, so tasty that I asked for supplements. By the way, I chose a place for myself on the embankment, at the parapet. I didn’t want to single-handedly occupy a whole table for six on the veranda, and at that moment the mood was closer to the people, and in the fresh air. And this combination of tastes, aromas, sounds and a great look created such a mood that I would love to repeat it again.

Cafe Del Mar in Sochi

Cafe Del Mar in Sochi

Information to visit

Cafe Del Mar is open daily from 11 to 01 hours from Monday to Thursday, and from Friday to Sunday - until 3 am.

Located on a pedestrian street, so there is no parking.

The best view is on the summer terrace, second floor cafe.

The price tag is above average even by the standards of the capital. Similar to Sail in Adler.

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Cafe Del Mar in Sochi

Cafe Del Mar in Sochi
One of the best restaurants in the city. Located on the pedestrian Primorskaya street, it is also the central embankment of the city of Sochi. Excellent service, delicious food, great views from the windows.
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One of the best restaurants in the city. Located on the pedestrian Primorskaya street, it is also the central embankment of the city of Sochi. Great service, delicious food, great view from the windows. In more detail.

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