Cafe Nong Pheat - a dusty corner of Thai cuisine on Lanta

If you bring to Klong Khong (aka LongBeach), point to Nong Phet Kitchen and say that this place is in the TOP 50 of Koh Lanta Thai restaurants, then you first ask “Where? I do not see". Between the minimarket and the tattoo parlor with fairly bright signs, you see a couple of telegraph poles and bushes. Such a small distance remains that at first you do not even understand that something else can fit there. Nong Phet Kitchen is the same type of cafés we went for, we go and we will come again: the family business, where the husband accepts orders, the wife prepares them home-style tasty, and on the sign is an image of a small child.

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Cafe Nong Pheat

Cafe is not that popular, but lackingvisitors are not experiencing. The quality of homemade food performed by Thai Pon has the opposite direction - she does not prepare in streaming mode as quickly as necessary, so you will have to wait for the order if two or three tables in front of you are already occupied and people behind them have also put the menu aside. The menu, by the way, is very thick, so I only filmed three main reversals, just to show the order of prices.

Nong Pheat owners obviously know this.inconvenience and offer their guests a compliment from the restaurant - a plate with sliced ​​pineapple. While waiting - enjoy it. The cafe offers a Western menu, but objectively - Thai dishes they get much better. Cafe Nong Pheat has a high rating on Tripadvisor, but imho it is overpriced.

The main disadvantage of this cafe - it is locatednear the road with a dusty curb, so there is also enough dust inside. Well, and in places it is dirty. However, this is a typical inexpensive Thai cafe, so it is forgivable to him. Although cafe Booby I like it better, not so green, but cleaner.

Cafe Nong Pheat on Lanta

Cafe Nong Pheat on Lanta

Information to visit

Open daily from 8 am to 10 pm

There are dishes on the menu that are suitable for feeding children, not spicy.

Scooter or car can be thrown on the sidelines, the place is full.

On the map

Cafe Nong Phet

Cafe Nong Phet
Inexpensive Thai cafe, immersed in greenery. But dusty.
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Inexpensive Thai cafe, immersed in greenery. But dusty. More details.

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