Sweet Shell Cafe on Phangan - for sweet teeth and lovers of Russian cuisine

Sweet Shell literally translated from English“Sweet Shell” means “sweet shell”, which doesn’t sound as romantic as the original. However, this does not change the essence of the institution - a pleasant, secluded place where you can hide from prying eyes. It is ideal for those people who want to pamper their taste buds or meet with friends. Add to this the friendly Russian-speaking owners and delicious food with great desserts, and record yourself the coordinates of the cafe for your upcoming trip to Phangan.

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Cafe Sweet Shell

Sweet Shell's cafeteria is in the middle of nothing. Literally. The owners (Russian speakers) have chosen a plot of land on the road between Tong Saloy and the rest of Phangan. Nearby there are no large settlements, shops, tourist points and services. Only betonka, jungle and the flat part of the island, on which you will go wondering where people and civilization are gone.

The building is right next to the road, smallone-story, hardly noticeable, although if in the evening, it glows, then it is difficult to miss. Comfort is the main defining word for Sweet Shell on Phangan, here everything is done and arranged with soul and attention. Created a simple, but at the same time comfortable living area. You don't always want to go to a Thai cafe, on the contrary, sometimes you want a European interior. This is where you will find it. Also, they often come here to work, comfortable chairs and good internet.

The guys make good coffee, greatdesserts, here you can smoke a hookah and order Russian dishes such as cheesecakes, chicken noodles, pancakes or pickles. But I personally liked sweets most of all, I even called myself this place Sweet Hell (sweet hell), because it is very difficult to resist and not order myself a bunch of cakes.

Sweet shell phangan

Sweet shell phangan

Cafe Sweet Shell on Phangan

Cafe Sweet Shell on Phangan

Screen where twist movies

Screen where twist movies

Information to visit

Open daily from 11 to 21 hours, except Wednesday. Wednesday is a day off.

Prices are as follows. Shake is worth 100-120 baht, kvass 50 baht, espresso 80 baht, cappuccino 100 baht. Desserts start from 20-40 baht. On average, a piece of cake costs about 150 baht.

The parking pocket is quite small, but there is an empty curb and no buildings nearby. To any locality - 5 minutes. Nearby there is a police station and a resort for 12 houses.

With the onset of darkness, movies and cartoons are sometimes twisted with the use of a projector and a wall screen. You can bring your movies.

On the map

Cafe Sweet Shell

Cafe Sweet Shell
Cafe with a projector and cakes.
More about the cafeteria.

Cafe with a projector and cakes. More details about the cafeteria.

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