Directory of housing in Thailand (Samui + Krabi)

A small post-announcement of two new sections onblog, which can be useful to those who go to Samui and Krabi for the next winter. This is what I have been doing in recent months. So, now on our site there is a small catalog houses on samui and houses in Krabi.

There almost everywhere there are photos, contacts,description and the most important point on the map, that is, that all real estate agencies hide, so that you do not find the object. Most of the houses I traveled by myself, but there are also houses taken from the Internet from blogs (thanks to everyone who provided info!).


Please take into account the fact that the catalog is free, was made for altruistic reasons, therefore, claims for it are not accepted :) What I could, I did. That is, the base is provided as it is, and I will quietly comb it and finish it.

Therefore, if you can add something to thisthe catalog (the house itself or a comment about accommodation), write, I will be just glad. Also, if there is someone who lives in Tae now (in a resort location), and could work for an idea and a small reward, then write too.

Also for the heap, well, suddenly, it will also come in handy, some links to housing reviews, but not in the form of a catalog, but simply in the form of articles:

22 guesthouses in chiang mai
30 apartments in Chiang Mai
12 apartments in Bangkok

P.S. I would also be unspeakably happy if you tell your friends and acquaintances (give a link and put a like), which will go to Tai, what we have here is a catalog where you can ask about housing, and then even find something on the spot.

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