Charles Bridge - if you didn’t see it, it means it wasn’t in Prague

Amazingly beautiful place. Charles Bridge is elegantly strict lines, calm massiveness, stone reliability and impeccable views from any angle. In any weather and light, you will not be disappointed, being on the Charles Bridge. This is really an amazing attraction of the city, without visiting where you can not believe that you have seen Prague.

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Charles Bridge in Prague

Beauty and travel companies brought Charlesbridge popularity, and the price of popularity for attractions - the crowd at any time of the day or night. So do not be discouraged if you do not manage to be left alone with the bridge - now it is in principle unreal. Even at 5-6 in the morning you will encounter here a dozen desperate photographers.

The bridge passes over the rivers Vltava and Chertovka,connects the districts of Prague Mala Strana and Stare Mesto. Half a kilometer of stones, 16 arches, 30 sculptures and three towers at its ends: Malostranskaya, Yuditina and Staromestskaya. At night, space for walking a little more. In the afternoon - the crowd wraps around hawkers, artists and vagrants with beggars.

Walking on the bridge - ikspiriensfascinating and restless, and if you want you can make good pictures in both sides of the bridge. And as a completion, so to speak, of polishing the impressions of the sights - I strongly recommend not to be greedy and take a ride on the river tram. The upper deck, plaidic, a glass of Czech beer (or wine), this is all.

And it will not be superfluous to visit the Museum of CharlesThe bridge Especially those who, after a walk through it, want to write a review in the style of “a bridge as a bridge, nothing special, the place is greatly overvalued.” In the museum, much attention is paid to the models, where the secrets of the construction of the bridge are revealed. You clearly show that the bridge is considered to be a masterpiece of the architecture of its time.

Charles Bridge in Prague

Charles Bridge in Prague

Entrance to the Charles Bridge Museum

Entrance to the Charles Bridge Museum

Historical reference

Charles Bridge (which was originally calledPrague) was the first stone bridge of Prague, which did not break. The Juditin Bridge was built before it, but he was unlucky with the excessively massive ice breaking during a sharp warming, and the bridge was destroyed.

To the construction of the Prague bridge in 1357 approachedthoroughly, and all work took place under the control of King Charles IV. Even the date of the foundation was determined to the minute, so that everything would be Feng Shui, in accordance with the predictions of astrologers.

Statues of the martyrs of the Christian (Catholic) faith were installed on the bridge, and over time many of them were transferred to museums, and their exact replicas meet you on the bridge.

Traffic control and bridge maintenance weregiven to the jurisdiction of two religious orders: Maltese and Crusaders of the Red Star. In addition to their duties, both orders received a decent plot of land for the construction of monasteries.

In 1870, during the period of national revival, when cultural monuments were restored throughout the country and names changed, the bridge was renamed Charles.

Information to visit

The best time to visit is October-November.

Admission is free, around the clock.

In summer, the stones of the railing become very hot, you can get burned.

The Charles Bridge Museum is open daily from 10:00 to 18:00. Ticket price: 70 CZK.

On the map

The Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge
The most famous bridge in Prague. Medieval. The length is 520 meters.
More about the bridge.

The most famous bridge in Prague. Medieval. The length is 520 meters. More about the bridge.

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