Chaweng Beach - the most rave and infrastructural

Chaweng Beach is one of the threeKoh Samui’s most popular beaches. It is recommended by travel agencies to those who want an active nightlife, noise, parties and beautiful beach holidays. Chaweng stretched for two, with a small, a kilometer from Ark Bar to the rocky cape, bordering Chaweng Noi.

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Beach description

The width of the beach is about the same throughout its length.- from 40 to 50 meters of very soft and loose sand. The sand on Chaweng is the smallest and whitest on Samui. It is he who gives such a deep, azure color of the sea, which is so fond of using as a screen saver on your desktop. Nowhere else on Samui is there the same color of the sea as on Chaweng.

The whole beach is occupied by hotels and establishments thatmaintain cleanliness and order in their territories. Garbage is observed only after storms. There is not a single drain on the whole beach, which usually spoils both the landscape and the air.

Chaweng is a single continuous platform.for fun, noisy, crowded, fun and drunk. So lovers of uninhabited islands should not settle nearby. One of the features of Chaweng Beach is its geographical location. Or rather - the location opposite one of the ends of the runway Samui Airport.

Depending on the wind, you have to observe the take-off or landing of airliners about once every half hour. In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have a short overview of all the beaches of Samui, will help you decide on the choice of the beach.

Sunset, depth and waves

From start to finish Chaweng, the entrance to the water is notdifficult nothing. The sandy shore goes into the sandy bottom, which gradually goes to the depth. This is an ideal beach for swimming, you can dive along the chest in 20-40 meters from the coast. Because of this, the ebb have little effect on the characteristics of Chaweng Beach, allowing you to fully relax during peak hours of low tide.

The sea recedes to five meters, the depth and qualitythe bottom does not change. Large stones and algae on the beach there. The stone placer on the border with Chaweng Noi begins abruptly, without stony shoals. And in the north, where shallow water is adjacent Chaweng Yai, the bottom rises to the surface, small sandbanks appear from the sand - a great place for entertaining children.

Sun beds and shade

The whole beach, along the trees, is lined with sun loungers,umbrellas and plastic tables for drinks. Find a lounger for rent is not difficult, the price on average - 100 baht. The natural shadow is far away from the water and rustling with leaves in the territory of hotels. Only in a few places come across huge crowns of deciduous trees, under which you can throw your beach mat.

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Chaweng is considered the epicenter of island life. It is from him that all Samui distances dance. therefore Taling ngam or Pang Ka are considered backyards, although it would seem that on the island everyone is equally equidistant from the center.

On Chaweng are concentrated all kinds of islandthe pleasures and comforts of civilization, and are close to it: the airport, two hospitals, the pier at Bang Rak. Kayaks, boats, jet skis, inflatable mattresses and bananas, restaurants, bars and cafes are available for rent on the beach. For children installed inflatable aquacomplex on the water. The main attractions of Chaweng are:

Houses and hotels on the beach

The entire coastline of Chaweng Beach is busy orhotels or resorts, or major entertainment venues. Here is the most expensive land of Samui, so you will have to look for houses for rent far from the coast. There is a very high building density on both sides of the Ring Road, so the main difficulty will not be to find a house, but to choose from a huge amount of one suitable.

Of the hotels with good reviews on the beach can be identified five-star Centara Grand Beach Resort Samui

stylish Sans Souci Samui

cozy Samui Paradise Chaweng Beach Resort

stylish Bhundhari Chaweng Beach Resort

and Chaweng Cove Beach Resotel


If you want to book a hotel here in advance or search for accommodation on other beaches, I have a selection of hotels in Samui with a good rating and reviews.

Hotels in Chaweng>

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For the lazy, here are the direct links to the hotels listed above:

  • Centara Grand Beach Resort Samui

    </ a </ li>

  • Sans souci samui

  • Samui Paradise Chaweng Beach Resort

  • Bhundhari Chaweng Beach Resort

  • Chaweng Cove Beach Resotel

  • </ Ul>

    How to find the beach

    Access to the beach of Chaweng is not limited, you can walk into any lane leading to the sea. For example, through the territory of the hotel Library


    Beach map

    Chaweng Beach Map

    Chaweng Beach Map:

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