Cheap travel and budget holidays - money, time and comfort

Many are faced with the question: How to travel cheap? I want to go somewhere, but no money. And they sit and envy those travelers who continue to discover new places and countries. So what really keeps us from traveling? Is it really all depends on cheap travel?

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3 components

The issue of lack of money is wider than it seems at firstsight. You can break the problem of inability to go somewhere into three components: money, time and comfort. Accordingly, competently combining these parameters, you can reduce or increase one or the other.

If you have money, then we buy comfort andgoing on vacation. There is a lot of time, so there is the opportunity to go on a burning tour, or buy cheaper tickets (you can search on and or last minute. Ready to sacrifice comfort, then use the list, hitchhiking and tent.

If you still have a lot of excuses for yourself, then try to read it - How to change your life for the better or what prevents you from traveling.

Budget travel options


For example, if a person has a largeamount of time, well, or at least can go on vacation at any time, it means he can save a lot on a trip by buying a burning ticket. To do this, you just need to monitor several sites (for example, for the appearance of this, and as soon as, so immediately go on vacation.

Here are examples of what I personally bought. A week in Egypt (4 stars) - 15,000 rubles for two. 4 days in Turkey - 9000 rubles for two.


Another example. Man is ready to sacrifice comfort. Then the most dear to him hiking in the mountainsor the sea with a tent. Great budget vacation, with a bunch of advantages and costs only for the road and food. Or with a small living expenses, if you use the services of campgrounds.

If you have not tried this budget type of rest, do not rush to turn up your nose. I also thought at first that it did not suit me. And as I tried, I immediately put it in priority over the others.

Hiking give you the opportunity to relaxsoul, and energize a year in advance. This is especially true of all those who sit at the computer a lot. It is not necessary to go on a difficult trip and carry a heavy backpack.

Examples of costs are a trip to Altai - 12,000 rubles per person, of which the main one is a flight from Moscow.
Weekly trip to the Caucasus - 6,000 rubles per person.
Weekly trip to the Crimea - 6000 rubles per person.

Yes, we did not take guides, I have friends, and we ourselves can make a route. But now it is easy enough to find companions on a trip or a trip, which may also be guides.

View from the ridge Cordon-Bair. Crimea.

View from the ridge Cordon-Bair. Crimea.

Hitchhiking and tent

If there is time, and there is no "religious"prejudice before hitchhiking, then it's time to get on the track and stop the right car in the right direction. This applies not only to Russia, but to the whole world. Examples of such travel abound on the forums. There is also a lot of information on how to hitchhike and on what road. The most trashed place is Europe. People have repeatedly proven that traveling in Europe is cheap.

If you combine hitch-hiking and a tent, having only time and a very smallthe amount of funds for food, you can travel almost the whole of Russia. Moreover, the cost of food can not be taken into account, since in your native city you still eat, and not lobsters.

This is the cheapest travel. Not for all. But this option exists.

Budget vacation at sea

Budget vacation at sea

Autotravel and camping

Do not forget about autotravel andcampgrounds They can significantly reduce the cost of your trip. Especially if you go by car four or three. The cost of gasoline can be divided. Plus, the car gives you more freedom of movement.

Camping are different. If we talk about European, the quality of services there may be even higher than in a cheap-cheap hotel. It's hard to say about our Russian campsites ... But even in this case, you can pick up something suitable.

Traveling in France by car

Traveling in France by car

Whit and Couchsurfing

There is still such a thing as a whiskey. Distributed throughout the world, and abroad more than in Russia. The bottom line is that you register on the site, and post a photo of your room / apartment, where you are ready to take a person for the night. In response, you get access to the database, the same people who take at home. By planning a trip in advance, and finding a place to spend the night, you can get a very budget holiday.

I wrote about it in detail here. Vissky and couchsurfing - you can even spend the night on a yacht.

Cheap travel and budget vacation

As a result, we have. The main thing is the desire to travel and look for options to achieve their goals. Each person can, competently combining time, comfort and amount of planned expenses, drive around a sufficient number of places on the planet. At the same time, he can count on budget holidays and cheap travel. Yes, only fears should be left at home.

P.S. If you are passionately dreaming to travel, but at the same time, vacation is not expected, and the salary does not shine, it makes sense to think about changing jobs.

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