Chong Mon Beach - a beach for mothers and babies

Choeng Mon Beach is one kilometer away.coastline of Koh Samui. The relatively closed bay where Chong Mon is located is located in the north of the island appendix, one of the most densely populated parts of Samui. From west to east, the width of the beach varies from 10 to 50 meters. Over its entire length, the beach does not differ in the composition of the sand and infrastructure.

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Beach description

Chong Mona sand is grayish, very fine, withwetting turns into a liquid gruel, and within the surf strip it is so tightly rolled by the waves that you can ride a motorcycle. Clean the beach is maintained where it passes through the coastal hotels. But Chong Mona’s charm is that there are several sites on it, where there are no pathetic hotels, but private Thai restaurants and massage salons have settled.

Which on the purity of the beach deep on the drum. There are no garbage mountains, but small plastic objects and paper often come across. Chong Mon is one of the most popular and crowded beaches. And on this Samui appendix, it is almost the only normal beach to which you can freely come and swim like a human being.

Neighbors Chong Mona on the left, looking at the sea: Tong Sai and Samrong - good beaches, but they are located in the closed areas of monopolistic hotels. Play Laemwhich is located on the other side of the appendix, ten minutes from Chong Mona - rather wild and shallow, and not suitable for swimming. BUT Chaweng Yai which to the right of Chong Mona is overgrown with algae.

Only a small copy of Chong Mona remains - Tong Son Bay, which can also be reached without further ado. In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have a short overview of all the beaches of Samui, will help you decide on the choice of the beach.

Sunset, depth and waves

The clear entrance to the water, without stones and coral debris, is located in the middle of the beach, between the hotels of the Imperial Boat

Chong Mon Beach - a beach for mothers and babies

and Sala Samui Resort

Chong Mon Beach - a beach for mothers and babies

. On the remaining sections of Chong Mona, the entrance to the seadifficult because of the stones and corals, which are almost near the shore and prevent swimming. The depth of the sea allows adults to swim 30 meters from the shore, without reaching their feet.

After low tide, the sea moves closer to underwater.surprises at 10 meters and, at the entrance, you have to carefully choose the place to put your foot. The water is turbid. The sea at low tide becomes shallow, which pleases preschool children, but older people have to go 30-50 m further. At the peak of low tide, fifty meters from the shore, the depth of water for an adult reaches waist-high.

On the beach of Chong Mon, large waves do not often occur and there are no seasonal undercurrents, as is observed on Lamai.

Sun beds and shade

There are many places on Chong Monet where for 50 baht you canrent a chaise lounge with a plastic table. As well as the situation with a natural shadow. There are many very large trees along the coast. Some even have swings and hammocks.

Beach photo








The beach has kayak and jet ski rental,massage parlors and restaurants. For fans of outdoor activities stretched volleyball net. Within walking distance from Chong Mona there is a small satellite island called Fan Noi (Farn Noi), where you can walk on foot knee-deep in water if you wish. If you are staying at one of the hotels located on Chong Monet, then each of them has access to 4171 road. The section of this road, passing through Chong Mona district, is similar to the one-way road Lamai.

There are mini-markets, tourist shops,travel agencies, equipment rental, bottle gas stations, cafes, restaurants, laundries, massage parlors and the market Banks, ATMs, bars, workshops and so on and so forth. In the evenings, a walking street is formed here, and on Wednesdays there are night fairs. These fairs take place only on the most crowded places of the island: Maenam. Bo Phut, Chong Mon, Chaweng and Lamai.

Chong Mon has a very good infrastructure and provides everything you need for a good rest and stay. Nearby attractions for living in Chong Mona area:

  • Temple Pla Laem Sor (Plai Laem Sor);
  • Temple Nuan Naram (Wan Nuam Naran);
  • Big Buddha (Big Buddha).

Five kilometers from Chong Mona is locatedKoh Samui airport. Airplanes on the beach itself can not be heard, no discomfort from this neighborhood is not felt. Airplanes usually land or fly over beaches. Bang Rak and Chaweng. But the cost of a taxi to the airport is low.

Houses and hotels on the beach

About a dozen lined up on the beachhotels of different caliber. Despite the popularity of the beach and its small size, on Chong Mona there is still a plot with jungles and wastelands, opposite the satellite island. Along the road 4171 there are a number of private resorts that offer houses for rent, but the area, surprisingly, does not have a solid development.

And 300 meters from the steep hotel Muang

Chong Mon Beach - a beach for mothers and babies

in the jungle are poor houses of poor islanders.

In the central part of the beach is Sala Samui Resort

Chong Mon Beach - a beach for mothers and babies

, a premium hotel with Thai motifs in architecture and interiors. Also in the center of the beach is Choeng Mon Beach Hotel.

Chong Mon Beach - a beach for mothers and babies

with the possibility of accommodation in simple finishing rooms and bungalows.

If you want to book a hotel here in advance or search for accommodation on other beaches, I have a selection of hotels in Samui with a good rating and reviews.

Hotels on Chong Monet>

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How to find the beach

In order not to explain with the administration and servicesecurity hotels on Chong Monet, you need to go as follows. Drive to Big Buddha, drive through it and drive along the road for about ten minutes before turning 90 ° near the Imperial Boat Hotel

Chong Mon Beach - a beach for mothers and babies


Near it there is a ramp to the cement road that goes along the fence of the hotel Muang

Chong Mon Beach - a beach for mothers and babies

. In the place where the concrete turns to the right, go straight and to the left, on the curve primer that goes to the parking near the beach of Chong Mon.

Beach map

Chong Mon Beach Map

Map of Chong Mon Beach:

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