Hotel classification

Absolutely all hotels and hotels can beassigned to a certain category, this is a general classification, which includes large hotels in Tyumen, and small hotels in Europe. In order to accurately determine the place of the hotel in the classification, it is necessary to determine a number of parameters: what services the hotel provides, who owns it, what is its attractiveness for tourists, whether there are additional services.

However, even such a classification will nottruly single. As a rule, when evaluating a hotel, the requirements developed by the World Tourism Organization are used. The International Organization for Standardization has contributed to this work. However, these requirements are not mandatory, but are only advisory in nature. In some countries, this classification is not used at all, for example, hotels in the Czech Republic and Austria do not differ in the number of stars.

In our country, this system began to work officially recently - since the summer months of 2010. The basic tenets of these requirements are as follows:

Hotels with one star - the cheapest,comfort in them is minimal. The rooms have a minimum of furniture, the rooms themselves are furnished equally. There are no additional services, bed linen is provided once a week, sometimes there is no cleaning.
Hotels with two stars suggest that in the roomthere is not only ordinary furniture, but also a TV. Each room has a separate toilet and shower, the rooms may vary in degree of comfort. In such hotels, rooms are cleaned every day, with no additional services or very few of them.
A three star hotel isStandard hotel with comfortable rooms, which have a TV, Internet is available, there is a refrigerator. Daily cleaning, there are additional services, most often there is a swimming pool and gym.

Hotels with four stars are already comfortable,more expensive hotel facilities. The rooms must have a TV, refrigerator, mini-bar. In these hotels a lot of additional services, there is a swimming pool, solarium, massage services, visits to the gym, etc.
If the hotel has five stars, then it is consideredhotel of high comfort. All necessary services are provided here, as well as many additional ones. Many services are considered exclusive, for example, some hotels have their own golf course. Such a hotel should meet the requirements of a person who has increased requirements for comfort.

Of course, the hotel "star" category is notcover all establishments providing similar services. So, if you need Vladivostok hotels, but you are limited in means, then you can find a small guesthouse, half board or a inn. There are such institutions, which are a small private mansion, several rooms of which are rented by the owners. Residents are offered room and board for a small fee. Also not included in the star classification motels are small hotels, in which there are practically no additional services.

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