Content theft - what to do, who should complain, how to protect

I have long wanted to write a similar post, but rather notin order to share info, and to find out how other bloggers act in case of content theft. The variant with “score” does not interest, I myself am able to do that. It's one thing when they take a couple of photos, leaving copyrights, it's okay, I usually allow myself when asked (and texts with a backward link too, if not massively). And another thing is when they merge text without permission and without specifying a link to the source, delete my copyrights on the photo and affix their own. Here you will not pass by, I want to do something.

How can you influence site owners whotyryat content, or search engines, if the owner does not want to solve anything peacefully? While we are considering only official methods, although in principle, if someone knows unofficial ones, you can also tell ...

The content of the article

How to deal with the theft of content and photos

My humble experience

As a rule, I do not readily struggle withviolators, because I simply have no time, and it is a pity to waste time sometimes. After all, probably, everyone knows that it is quite difficult. Therefore, I am not specifically looking for anything, but readers are telling me about the facts of content theft (thanks guys!). However, when they bother considerably, then you want to, you don’t want to write to the authors of the site and ask them to remove. Usually at this stage in 50% of cases after the correspondence, the question is solved. Those who lead the site for people, in principle, it is not difficult for them to do this, reputation is more expensive.

But there is another category of people whothey take advantage of the fact that the legislation in the Russian Federation is crude, copyright protection works only through the courts (and there are few precedents). These people steal without a twinge of conscience, they say, everything that is posted on the Internet is free for distribution. Here they can, as on the little things tyrit, and sites entirely with the help of parsers and grabbers. Therefore, ask such people do not ask, you will not achieve anything. In principle, it’s not so important to me whether someone steals from me or not (if we are talking about websites), but I wouldn’t want such copy-posted articles to appear in search engine results and people would come to them instead of my articles.

Accordingly, it turns out the only thing that can be made from the obvious is to write to the author of the resource, write to the hosting, and then try to complain in search engines.

Letter to the author of the resource

First of all it makes sense to contact the author.resource where you saw your content (text or photo). Usually I am looking for a page with contacts, with links to groups in social networks or profiles. And if there is nothing of this, it means that in principle it is possible not to look for ways to communicate. Most likely the site is made in semi-automatic mode and this is not the NLL.

Here is one example of a very recent letter to the authors of one of the blogs that a lot of my photos from Koh Samui have blasted.

Hello! Not good at stealing photos and content. If you did this by accident, please remove. If intentionally, then within a few days I will send complaints to all search engines, your hosting company, and the registrar. I have source codes of photos, that is, you can go to court.

- here is a list of links to plagiarism

I assume that not only in these articlesstolen photos, and not only mine. Already noticed some photos from other bloggers I know, I think the guys will support me in complaints. I will study with passion your site. But I hope we can peacefully settle this issue.

Letter to hosting

The second stage - you can write letters to the hosting. It is easy to learn it from WHOIS, for example here. Having entered the domain, we will see nserver’a for which it is easy to calculate hosting. True, third-party servers are rarely used, then it can be calculated from the site's IP. You can also try to write to the domain registrar, but they always seem to be sent. At least I was always denied due to the absence of a court order.

NS servers often show who is hosting a thief site.

NS servers often show who is hosting a thief site.

Hosting can sometimes help. They helped me. Yes, they did not block the account of the careless owner of the site, but somehow they influenced him, and the pages with copy-paste disappeared from the site. I read that the worst thing, if the hosting is in Ukraine, or somewhere else abroad, that they never go to contact at all. Such hosting is also called bulletproof. But any hosting can ask for the official delivery of the court, but few people will go to court ... And then, as soon as you agree, you can threaten the damage of your reputation, for example.

I wrote letters of the following content (depending on the specific situation).

Hello! You have registered site XXXX.XX which hosts other people's articles and photos without permission. I suppose that it mostly consists of stolen content (copypaste).

Below are examples of articles taken from my personal blog. In addition to the text, photographs were taken, in some of them I, my wife and my son. Again, we did not give permission for this. Most of the photos still have the “” watermark, as well as they are downloaded to addresses from my server, which only confirms my authorship, although I also have the source code.

- here is a list of links to the originals and plagiarism

Everything else, other articles toostolen, I know, blog owners whose they are. There is also an assumption that articles are stolen using a parser. Please take action to remove pages that violate my copyright.

Complaint to Google and Yandex

If the hosting turned out to be bulletproof (ignores any complaints), then Google and Yandex remain. Below cited links where you can complain. (the main complaint page) (report a site / article) (complaint if there are documents proving your copyright)

Report to Yandex

Report to Yandex

Informal ways

Honestly, I haven’t studied Blacks at allways, since I don’t have to fight often (I’m not specifically looking for content stolen), and somehow it’s not good either. From what immediately comes to mind, it is to buy some links on completely non-topic sites (porn sites?) In SAPE and indicate there an acceptor site of your rights. In theory, this should not like the search engines.

Also, for sure, you can order to break the site or send a bot-attack to it. True, I do not know how much it is for the money, maybe it is not worth it from a financial point of view.

Copyright protection in court

There is still the latest and most difficultway - the court. As a rule, few people decide on this, because they have to spend on the process, both money and time. But in the case of a win, sometimes you can recapture all costs. True, here we are talking more likely about the theft of photographs, especially for commercial use, and not about the text.

There are already precedents, photographers are suing, which meanssome courts are already aware of copyright and it will be much easier to walk along the beaten paths. First, it will be necessary to deposit the pages of the site with a notary, and then file a lawsuit in court. Here are the details of this method, link 1, link 2.

It seems to me that when litigation is duecopyright will become something mundane, then the number of attempted thefts should be reduced. I think that even now, large publications have already stopped taking photos without permission, because it is easier to pay a couple of hundred rubles and buy them on photostocks or directly from the photographer, especially since many of them will be allowed to use for free while keeping copyrights.

How to find stolen content

To search for texts, you can use the eTXT program, having previously received a list of links to the pages of your website and loaded them into Operations / Website Verification.

And if you are looking for photos, then google image search to help you. You can search on Google’s image section by downloading the file or linking to it.

Click on the camera icon

Click on the camera icon

Easier and faster to install Search byImage for Google for Firefox (I don’t know what they are called in other browsers). Then on any site on any picture, you can right-click and in the context menu will be the item Search Image on Google.

How to protect content from theft

In my opinion, almost no content protectionreally from a technical point of view. Popular tips on how to put scripts prohibiting copying, to make a ban on the work of the right mouse button, are valid only for fools and cause only inconvenience to users of the site. And those who copy-paste content frequently, easily bypass all bans. Moreover, often it is generally done automatically, and not manually.

Therefore, there is only one way out - to make sure thatfaster your pages are indexed. If the blog is old, then it happens pretty quickly, if the blog is young, then here’s the problem. However, if the blog is young and has not glowed much anywhere, then it is unlikely that they will take something, they simply won’t find out about it. Also worth knowing that trust sites with duplicate content will most likely be higher in search results than originals. In fact, search engines are not so important originality, as we, the authors.

I will list what you can try to do to speed up indexing and content protection:

  • Focus on authorship on Google+. I will not tell in detail, it pulls on a separate post and has already been written in many places. In short, you need to place a link to your Google+ profile on each page with the rel = author attribute, and also add a link to the blog in the links section of the profile (in My Publications). Do not forget to check the micro marking later.
  • Before posting, you can add post text to“Original Texts” of Yandex. I do not know how this is taken into account when determining the source, but what the hell is not joking. In order not to waste time, use the Webmaster Yandex plugin. In one click post is added.
  • After publication, you need to place links to yourpost on all social networks, in their profiles and groups (Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter). The Nextscripts Social Networks Auto-poster (SNAP) plugin helps here. It is automatically cross-configured into customized accounts when posting. All this should speed up the indexing.
  • In the Google+ profile will have to add handles, soas an opportunity to cross-post to G + in the SNAP plugin is paid. And you can post to the Google+ group through this service. By the way, the placement of links in G +, in addition to speeding up the indexing, as far as I understand, also speaks of the original source.
  • If your profiles / groups are not promoted, then you can buy posts and tweets in promoted groups and accounts.
  • It is important to regularly post to robotsknew that the site is being updated. When I started only, the quick-bob came already after 2 weeks, now it often happens here. But again, only on the main, and in the new sections he is a rare guest.
  • There is a manual way to add to the Google index,almost instant. You need to go to Google Tools for webmasters, select "View as GoogleBot", add a link and click "Scan". See the screenshot below, it’s clearer.
  • There is also a similar way to add to the Yandex index through Addurile, just as I have not tried it, in my opinion it does not work and does not affect indexing.
Manual addition to Google index

Manual addition to Google index

P.S. The information is quite simple and banal, but nothing more serious has yet been applied. I would be happy to add, especially if someone knows how to more competently make a letter to the hoster with links to the laws.

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