Debit and credit card Corn - get 500 rubles at registration

Our family now has 3 Corn andWe use them for a long time. Even more I will say, the cards were made as auxiliary for use abroad, and in the end they became the main ones that we use everywhere. As you can see, I always use everything I tell about here on the blog.

After a couple of years, it's time to write your review.based on personal experience. Moreover, the guys from Kukuruzy decided to give a gift to each of our readers, who would decide to issue the same card to themselves and enter our special promotional code in the mobile application. But about everything below.

The content of the article

In general about the corn

UPDATE. Kukuruzy removed the opportunity to properly spend cashback points and worsened conditions. Of the benefits of the course CB. But in this regard, it is more profitable to use travel credit cards. Corn is now just a spare for me, as free, I recommend to have just in case. And the main Tinkoff AllAirlines (link 1,000 rubles as a gift), I also recommend.

UPDATE. The promotion has ended. This post is not updated, so all the details on the terms of receiving the card and all tariffs, see here in this post.

I already did it somehow a selection of cardssuitable for travel, and in her corntook first place in my personal rating among ruble cards. Nothing has changed, it still remains there. All thanks to the rate of the Central Bank, in which payment abroad becomes 2-5% cheaper than other cards. Banks that offer the exchange rate for converting currencies can be counted on one hand or one hand.

I will list all the buns of the card:

  • Free annual maintenance.
  • Free sms for all operations.
  • Issuance of a card in the Euroset, that is, there is no need to go anywhere, because the Euroset is on every corner.
  • Central Bank exchange rate for all transactions in currency (nothing is better than it). Very useful abroad and when paying on the same Aliexpress, the savings are significant.
  • Cashback 1.5% for all operations.
  • The ability to connect the service "Double benefit +"for 990 rubles / year and receive an increased cashback of 3%. There is also “Double benefit standard” (690 rubles for half a year) and “Double benefit light” (290 rubles for 1 month), but imho they are less profitable.
  • The ability to activate the service “Interest on the balance” and receive 5% monthly. The card is frozen at 259 rubles, which are returned at the end of the deposit term.
  • Also, the service “Interest on the balance” makes it possible to withdraw up to 30,000 rubles without commission at any ATM (and if you need a large amount, you can make a personalized translation).
  • A fairly simple credit limit from the banks of Tinkoff and Renaissance.
Payment in dollars, strictly at the rate of the Central Bank, commission 0 rub.

Payment in dollars, strictly at the rate of the Central Bank, commission 0 rub.

For reference rate of the Central Bank for April 12, 2016 -67.1250 rubles (calculated on the day of cancellation). They wrote off $ 24.5 clearly at the Central Bank rate and gave another 3% cashback (494 points = 49 rubles). If you pay in local tugriks, one conversion (USD => RUB) will be exactly the same at the Central Bank rate, the second conversion (Tugrik => USD) will be at the Mastercard rate. There are no commissions, that is 0 rubles.

I will not mention the mobile application and the Internet bank, now everyone has them. Probably you are interested in cons? They also have:

  • Keshebek is awarded points that canspend only in certain stores and the selection is not very large. I personally spend all on TNK gas stations, Perekrestok stores and Euroset, but this is not for everyone.
  • Conditions for the Double Benefit Cashback deteriorated andNow there is a limitation, double cashback is paid only within 30 thousand rubles per month, in excess of this amount only the standard 1.5% Do not pay cashback for the purchase of household appliances and electronics (except Aliexpress and a number of shops). Crisis, his mother! But in fairness, many banking products of the ones I used have deteriorated: ladder tinkoff, Homecredit credit cards and so on.
  • Kukuruzy does not have its own ATMs in Russia, thereforeif the service “Interest on the balance” is not activated or you need to withdraw more than 30 thousand / month in an ATM, there will be a 1% commission. Since ATMs on other people's cards often have a limit of 5-10 thousand rubles per withdrawal, you will have to withdraw a large amount for several approaches. Outside such a minus does not matter, since the majority of Russian cards will have a withdrawal fee.

Cashback and points

I agree, binding to certain stores is notvery convenient, and for me it is the most significant minus. But there are very few similar offers on the market, and 3% for any operations, and at the same time the maintenance costs are 990 rubles a year. Usually, cashback is offered at about 1%, there is a fee for annual maintenance of 500-1000 rubles, and another separately for 50 rubles a month (600 per year). For those who have enough 1.5% cashback, the card will be completely free. As I have already said, there are practically no maps with the Central Bank rate for foreign countries. The only time they say that some sellers at outlets may try to impose a service connection on you, but I personally have not come across this, but have already received 3 cards in different places. And there is such a life hack.

Life hacking: If you receive a service connection when you receive a World card in Euroset, then take an ordinary Mastercard Standart without the World prefix, it can be more readily issued without additional services. And then you yourself order a MasterCard World PayPass card in your personal account. In any case, a personalized card is preferable when it comes to travel abroad.

From personal experience. I returned from Thailand with almost 15,000 rubles in cashback on a total of 3 cards. All the tickets, hotels, apartments, car rental, and purchases at the supermarket I paid with the Corn card. Such a number of points accumulated somewhere for half a year (a trip to Russia + Tai). Thus, I already beat off the cost of the connected service “Double Benefit” 10 times, and the year was not over how I connected it. Maybe for someone 15 thousand rubles and nonsense, but I really like that for a few months now I will have to refuel with gasoline for free. Well, more precisely, not for free, as it is now possible for TNK to pay only 50% of gasoline with points. But it does not soar me, just a little longer I will spend bonuses.

You see, the most important feature of all this myzamorochki with cards and keshbkami (one card for one, the other for another) - that once the selected scheme of storing funds and their expenses, brings a good profit per year, despite the fact that I do not spend my time on it.

6700 rubles for one card Corn, 4600 rubles for the second

6700 rubles for one card Corn, 4600 rubles for the second

And you know, when I fully felt that the pointsis it real money? When I bought a router in Euroset. I just came to Euroset, took the router and did not pay anything. Not a dime. Only from the card points written off. That is, you live for yourself, you do nothing, you just spend money on your regular purchases, and bonuses accumulate by themselves, and then they exchange for real goods. But in general, of course, this is not the essence of points, but any cashback. Money from nothing. The main thing is to pay with the card everywhere (and I always did and do this), and to control my spending, that is, not to raise them for the sake of cashback. About card cashback I have a separate post.

Router bought at Euroset for points

Router bought at Euroset for points

Debit and Credit Corn

I also wanted to mention separately how Corn became my main card. I'll start from afar.

A couple of years ago, I met people whooptimized their banking products and lived on interest on deposits. I found this topic very interesting, even though I didn’t have money for a substantial deposit. It is logical that you need to have at least several million on the account so that the interest is sufficient for living. Nevertheless, I decided to sort out the question and found out that there are cards with free service, there are cashbacks, there are cards without commissions when paying for purchases abroad. At first, I made a bunch of cards (10 pieces), and then I realized that the topic, though interesting, was constantly monitoring changes (tariffs, categories of increased cashback, etc.), and also keep in mind what card to pay for, not for me. I wanted a universal card. As a result, having made the Corn for foreign countries and using it, I realized that it is quite possible and necessary to use it in Russia. That most less universal card for expenses, from ruble.

To withdraw cash, I have a Sberov card,ATMs in each district, the limit is 150 thousand rubles per day for withdrawal, more than. I would gladly get rid of it (the service is so-so), but most people in Russia have it, and it is very convenient to throw money to someone. For the storage of the same funds, you can use Tinkoff deposits and their cards. As a result, 3 cards for all occasions and quite simple scheme.

Not long ago, I made myself another credit card Corn. Previously, I often used a Homcredit credit card, but conditions worsened there, so I had to change it. Why do we need credit cards, I already wrote, and also, as they correctlyto enjoy. Yes, the credit card as a whole is completely optional, but I'm used to it. Especially when it is issued for 1 month, the “Double Benefit +” service is provided free of charge.

Promotional code for Life-trip readers

UPDATE. The promotion has ended. This post is not updated, so all the details on the terms of receiving the card and all tariffs, see here in this post.

Now you have the opportunity to get for free 500 rubles. Trifle, but nice. To do this, you need to issue a map and perform simple conditions. Details on the promotion page. I will list the main:

1. Get a card in Euroset (this should be your first Corn card, you are a new client).
2. Install the mobile application "Corn" for iOS or Android and enter the promo code: LIFETRIP (note that the promotional code is written without a hyphen and with a capital letter).
3. Pay with your card any purchase.
4. Get 5000 points on your bonus account! (5000 points = 500 rubles)

Further within a month will be charged"Welcome bonuses 5000". So those who are thinking to issue a card, this offer will have just right. Please note that the offer is available until July 31, 2016.

P.S. If you have any questions, ask.

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