Delivery of products from Tesco Lotus in Thailand - instructions

A small note, suddenly someone else does not knowsuch convenient opportunity as the delivery of products and household goods from the Tesco supermarket. For us, it was just a salvation! The only bad thing is that from those places where they are winterers and campers, there is delivery only in Phuket, Pattaya, Bangkok (and its surroundings), in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. Fresh prices from Tesco I already laid out.

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What is the convenience

I think it is obvious to everyone that the delivery is convenient: no need to go to the store, plus you save time on the choice of products, throwing the same thing in the basket (ordering from the previous order). But there is another important point for those who do NOT plan to use a bike or car, because they do not know how to drive or save - you can choose housing without reference to the supermarket.

This time, when we went to Phuket, weIt was a prerequisite that the house should be within walking distance from the sea and from the supermarket at the same time. Under this definition fit only two beaches: Bang Tao and Kamala, not much. We are afraid to take Egor on a bike, and we considered renting a car as overhead. Yes, I could go alone for groceries, but I do not always have time, besides, I planned to leave for 2-3 weeks. Especially on the bike a lot and not taken away. For example, our last order from Tesco would barely fit in a grocery cart (vegetables, fruits, bottled water, 12 packs of juice, cereals, etc.). So, if there is a delivery, then the binding of housing to the supermarket is not important at all. Now we are going to Hua Hin and it is very unfortunate that there is no delivery there, it is very constraining in terms of choosing the area for living.

Prices and shipping costs

The cost of shipping in Phuket for free, inBangkok is only 60 baht. There are no restrictions on the minimum order amount. UPDATE. In the comments they wrote that sometimes they still take on Phuket for delivery, according to what principle it is not clear.

Products in the online store cost the samehow much and in real life. Periodically pass the action, then the inscription about the goods will be red. And constantly give out coupons, they say, order at 2500 baht, get a 250 baht discount. Coupons are printed, either on the check, or come to the mail. I do not know in real life how often such discounts are given, we did not come across. The only negative is that the assortment in the big Tesco will be more (clothes, appliances, furniture, etc.).

Registration and address

  • Here is a link to the online store (it is in English and Thai). First of all, you need to register an account. There is nothing complicated, so I will not describe.
  • After that you need to specify the address you needwill find out from the landlord. The address includes not only the indication of the city, but also the province, the district, the subdistrict. As a rule, the owners know all this and there will be no problems with it.
  • The most difficult thing is to specify the nearest point ofInterest (hotels, schools, cafes, etc.). For example, I did not know anything from this list, so I drove the names from the list into Google Maps and checked how far from our house, if, of course, Google knew such an object. You can also zoom in on the map and see what Google knows nearby. As a result, Phuket had to ask something in our area from the bald, could not find.
  • In the Road Name / Soi, I pointed our jay. Then, already at the time of the order and before payment, it will be possible to write a more detailed description in the comments how to get there. I wrote the nearest large soya, which is on the cards. During the order in Bangkok, in the comments I indicated the name of our condominium and the building number (we have several).
Possible delivery regions

Possible delivery regions

Specifying a shipping address from Tesco

Specifying a shipping address from Tesco

Point of Interest for Bang Tao in Phuket

Point of Interest for Bang Tao in Phuket

Product Order and Payment

Ordering products is quite simple, everything is like everywhere else. Go around the site and throw in the basket. You can immediately book a slot (Book a slot), that is, choose from the available delivery time. In Bangkok, the next day delivery, Phuket every other day. The reserved slot lasts 2 hours, then you need to book again. 2 hours is more than enough to put the necessary goods in the basket.

Choice of delivery slot

Choice of delivery slot

After forming the basket, click Checkout andfollow the instructions of the store. If you don’t really know English, here’s a brief guide: Checkout => Book a Delivery => Choosing a delivery slot and writing a comment => Checkout => Checkout => Choosing a payment method (on a card is Pay online securely) => Select Payment Method => Filling Card Data => Confirm order

At the stage of choosing the method of delivery (delivery home -this is Book a Delivery), there is a delivery option to the store (Click & Collect). But I see no reason to save on shipping costs and receive an order at the store.

You can pay as a card online and in cash upon receipt. I choose to always and everywhere pay by card, because then you can get cashback with the purchase. In the case of Tesco, everything happens like this: during the payment of the order, 100 baht is withdrawn, and on the day of delivery the full amount is withdrawn, that is, there are 2 charges. 100 baht hangs about a month (term depends on your bank) and then returns to your account. Not very convenient, but so they did.

100 baht comes back after a while

100 baht comes back after a while


Delivery takes place directly to your home. In Phuket, the car came to our jay, got up near the house and unloaded. In Bangkok, our condominium can not be entered, so they came with a trolley to the lobby, then we all carried it to the entrance to the porch, where I loaded the grocery cart (we have food carts near each porch).

Delivery from Tesco to home

Delivery from Tesco to home in Phuket

In Bangkok, from the entrance I drove in a cart to the apartment

In Bangkok, from the entrance I drove in a cart to the apartment

In Phuket we lived on a not very famous jay,so the courier, being in our area, called me on the phone and tried to figure out where to go. Since he did not know English, I went outside and walked to watch when the car appeared, so as not to drive past. In Bangkok, we lived in a well-known condominium (and with addresses here, everything is much better), so I never had to explain where to go. Perhaps the best first order is not to pay with a card (choose cash payment) to check how this scheme works and whether it will be taken to you.

Also a few hours before delivery cancall from Tesco and ask you different questions, do not be alarmed. Usually they call to warn that something was not available at the time of the collection of your order and they either did not put it or replaced it with something similar. Then in the check (a few A4 papers), what the courier will give you, will be indicated at the very beginning, what was not and what was replaced. By the way, English for those who call from Tesco was not at the level of my understanding (I still do not understand Taiglish on the phone), so usually I simply answered “okay” in purely Thai.

P.S. If you have questions, ask.

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