Do you need a smart watch in life and travel - on the example of Samsung Gear S3

Toy or a necessary device? Not so long ago, I bought myself a smart (smart) watch Samsung Gear S3. Honestly, hesitated to take Apple watches or these, but since I’m sitting on Samsung and still using the S Health fitness app, which is now built in Samsung (and I’m used to it), I decided to start with Gear S3. After walking with them for 4 months, I made my own conclusions as to whether a goat needs a button accordion or not. So this is not a review of watches, do not even wait, but experience using, in fact, even without reference to the watch model.

The content of the article

First impressions

From any new gadget you first experienceexcitement, especially if you haven’t had one yet. But here the excitement passed fairly quickly and was replaced by a question - but did I really need it? No, I watched reviews, read info, but still personal experience is personal experience.

Let us leave the question of whether a person needs a watch in principle. I need a point. It is convenient for me to watch the time on my hand, and not to get the phone every time. Before that, I had a Protrek Casio series, completely stupid, that is, not smart. Also a good model, but more likely for walkers than for a city dweller. Charged from the built-in solar battery, show the air temperature (must be removed from the hand), there is an altimeter, alarm clock, hour poles, stopwatch, dial light, an electronic compass. But most importantly, they are not killed and have a WR100 water protection, you can safely swim in them.

With a smart watch, the situation is different. Specifically, my Samsung Gear S3 have IP68 water protection, this is the maximum degree. IP67 is protection against splashes, and with IP68 it is already possible to immerse the gadget in water. As far as I know, IP classification was invented for gadgets, and for watches the WR classification should be used: WR20, WR50, WR100, and so on. Apparently a smart watch is more of a gadget than a watch. Anyways, you can swim in samsungs, yes, but not only do not advise on forums to do this in salt water, but even to go to the shower, you can get a non-warranty event. I’m already 10 years old prefer the WR100, this is a watch in which you can even dive, not to mention the fact that you can swim in salt water without serious consequences.

Further. Since the Gear S3 is a gadget, you shake every time you touch the door jamb. When I went to Protrek, I generally forgot about them. After 2 years, the Protreks began to look shabby, but still work without problems. On the other hand, Gear S3 is not positioned as a watch for extreme conditions, rather a city and comfortable travel.

Samsung Gear S3 versus Casio Protrek and Xiaomi Mi Band

Samsung Gear S3 versus Casio Protrek and Xiaomi Mi Band

What can Samsung Gear S3

Now, after 4 months, I can say that I generally like smart watches. It's comfortable. But not must have. However, the findings at the end of the post. In the meantime, about what I use and what watches can do.

  • You can view the full text of the letter in Gmail and reply to it. But for some reason, not always, sometimes tosses into the phone. Yandex Mail only has access to viewing the letter, the answer is no.
  • Also available to view the full text of SMS, butYou can only respond with prepared messages (Yes, No, I'm driving, etc.), which can be pre-changed in the settings or add something new. Or you can go through the menu in the SMS and send SMS with any text. It is true to type on the keyboard on the clock, that is also a quest, it is small. Separately, I note, as in fact it turned out to be very convenient - to receive and see SMS from an online bank with a confirmation code when the phone in another room is on charge.
  • Show the notification from whom the message came inTelegram or Whatsapp, give to see the whole text and even answer, not only with prepared messages, but also typing on the keyboard, as well as recording a voice message. But do not give, view a few messages, if they were sent to you in a row, only the last.
  • Displays the number of hours of sleep with phases, if during sleep they are on the arm. But we must understand that they are not small and can interfere on the hand. I'm used to it, my previous Protreks were no less.
  • Display the completed rate of steps per day andperiodic notifications that you stayed late, or, conversely, you began to move quickly. In the latter case, the mode of walking, running, or dynamic exercise. True, when you wash your washcloth in the shower, this is also defined as a dynamic exercise. All this is disabled if not needed.
  • Able to vibrate and make sound when making calls andmessages. It helps when the phone is stored in your pocket and can not be heard. Being even in another room, or with the sound turned off on the phone (when the child is sleeping), you will not miss the call. With this function (vibration), the Mi Band 2 from Xiaomi did quite well, the only one standing feature in my opinion.
  • Displays all the data while running: pulse, distance, speed, time, and so on. At the same time, 3 selected values ​​can be displayed on the dial.
  • Able to store and play music in wireless headphones. Memory capacity 4 GB.

There are actually other functions, but Isomehow nothing else came in handy. There are, for example, built-in cards ... But this is a tin with such a screen. Or you can talk on the clock, I did not even try. And, he-he, cool function - search of phone from hours. In the Bluetooth radius, you can turn on the search and the phone will ring. For forgetful it is useful.

Checking mail and SMS on the clock

Checking mail and SMS on the clock

Receive messages in Telegram and Whatsapp

Receive messages in Telegram and Whatsapp and answer them

Notifications about completed steps, about sleep, about weather

Notifications about completed steps, about sleep, about weather

You can keep a record of drinking water, coffee, and enter calories (this is S Health)

You can keep a record of drinking water, coffee, and enter calories (this is S Health)

Second impressions

As I said, the watch is waterproofIP68 standard. I haven’t been swimming in salt water yet, but I take my dishes constantly and take a shower. While the flight is normal. Most likely the horror stories about showers on the forums were exaggerated. By the way, nothing mists anywhere.

Shake, that break, also ceased. Many times already touched about something, but so far not a scratch. Although I will not deny that I try once again not to do this and watch my playful hands.

You need to charge it about once every 2 days and this is pain. First, it was necessary to accept the fact that the smartphone is charged every 1-2 days, and now this watch. At least 5 days would be ... Hey Samsung, 21st Century! How long can you make such batteries? Casio Protrek never need to be charged, even the battery is changed, as well as charging from the sun. Xiomi Mi Band worked for 20 days. But in fairness, the Apple Watch is also running a little time.

At first I thought a whim, but it turned out to be funnychip - changing dials. And it's not that I want to change them all the time, picking up a hat or scarf (I have to smile here and understand and forgive many women), but the fact that you can initially choose a dial that is suitable for you, both free and paid Usually, if you buy an analog clock, then you will not change anything in them, you will have to be content with the information on the screen provided by the manufacturer for many years. In Gear S3, you can display a lot: date, time, number of steps, temperature outside, pulse, and so on. I use one of the built-in free dials.

In winter, they are useless, because they do not get from undersleeves twist. However, this applies to any wristwatches, but these even vibrate when the message arrives. But then all the functionality is not used, the usual bracelet for 20 bucks will cope with the vibration.

The clock has a built-in GPS, so they are quite normal.they count the running speed, record the track and all other parameters, and in the running mode there is a constant pulse measurement, which, according to my observations, is quite normal for yourself if you are not a professional runner. I could not compare with the chest sensor, I do not have it.

Left - running mode, top right widget quick start workout

Left - running mode, top right widget quick start workout


Smart watches are an interesting toy, but no more. This gadget does not have such a significant functionality that the watch has become an indispensable attribute for everyone, as the cell phone once became. Most of all, the vibration was useful to me (I turned off the sound) during the call, which does not allow me to miss the call. Also surprisingly, I often use viewing the caller's name (pick up the phone or not), as well as the name of the person who wrote the message in the messenger with a cursory view of the content, how urgent it is to respond. Yes, I know, it's not so difficult to get a phone, but with a clock I feel much more comfortable. Especially if you are driving a car, on a bike / bike, and it is inconvenient to get the phone.

From what I do not use yet, but what canuseful - storing music on the clock and listening to it through wireless headphones. This is convenient, for example, while running, when you do not want to take a bulky phone with you, but now 5-6 inches are in fashion. I also thought so to run, but still, while taking the phone with me, so that they could call me.

Do you need smart watches traveler?


Well, or needed as well as the city dweller. If you sit constantly online, you have several messengers with a bunch of correspondence, the phone is often in another room or your hands are constantly driving, then it makes sense. Of course, if you still have extra 20k rubles.

But when there will be a watch with SIM cards, oroperators will begin to work with eSIM polls, then I will vote for these hours to travel without hesitation. I do not know about you, but I constantly have a problem where to put the second or third SIM card. I now have 4 of them: Moscow Megafon, Israeli Simka, Traveler DrimSim and also Thai. That is why I would be very happy to stuff one of them into the clock.

I, by the way, for this reason, the iPhone can nottry buying again and again dvuhsimochny flagship from Samsung. Maybe someone is comfortable to carry a second phone, but I tried, I did not like it, the clock would be more convenient. Dual SIM + clock = 3 SIM cards in constant use.

Gear S3 or Apple Watch come with eSIM, but this version is not for sale in Russia, and if it were sold, the operators still do not support it.

P.S. Questions? And what do you think about smart watches?

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