Dolphinarium Riviera in Sochi - a family holiday with dolphins

Dolphinarium in Sochi is a landmarkcities about which I was told that supposedly the dolphins had ideal conditions here and they almost sail to work from the sea themselves. It looks like a fairy tale of course, but I really want to believe that one day everything will be like that. Sochi Dolphinarium, which is located in the center of the Riviera Park, is considered the best institution with dolphins in all of Sochi, and even on the entire coast.

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Dolphinarium in Sochi

It was in April - this is not the season for the Russianresort and instead of 3 shows a day, they show only one, which I, of course, did not have time. Personal review specifically on the show I will post an update in just a few months. In the meantime, with me a small excursion into the prices and services of this corner of smart sea animals. Dolphinarium in Sochi is located near the entrance to Park "Rivierathe fact that opposite the pedestrian bridge across the riverSochi. In addition to the dolphinarium, in the same building there is a contact zoo, which delights children of all ages, there is also a penguin and a butterfly garden, whatever that may mean.

According to some of my friends and acquaintances, the parkRiviera and its dolphinarium are the best place for family holidays. I already wrote about the park, I will not repeat it, and in the dolphinarium there are 4 different types of entertainment at the same price, plus diving and swimming with dolphins (this is the most unusual thing there, even autistic children come here on certain days) A robotics museum for children worked in the same building.

This is especially great to come in very hotdays or in bad weather, when it is impossible to be near the sea without spoiling your mood. Prices are quite adequate for a large resort, and more than reasonable after the same Moskowrium. If children are adults and can pass without adults, then parents can wait out 45 minutes of the show at a local cafe with a meager menu and high prices.

Sochi Dolphinarium in the Riviera Park

Sochi Dolphinarium in the Riviera Park

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In principle, all the numbers are shown in the pictures. Unless you need to take into account that I did them in April, and with the onset of summer and high season the schedule may change, plus the number of the show will be increased from one to three per day.

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Dolphinarium Riviera

Dolphinarium Riviera
The best dolphinarium in Sochi, located in the Riviera Park. 3 shows per day (in season), you can swim in with dolphins, scuba dive.
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The best dolphinarium in Sochi, located in the Riviera Park. 3 shows per day (in season), you can swim in with dolphins, scuba dive. More details.

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