Drawings during a telephone conversation - to a psychologist?

Micropost I poked around in the photo archives and found some of my drawings. Well, if you can call them that, rather in quotes of “drawings”. In general, I am not able to draw straight at all and have never tried to learn. More precisely, my parents in childhood gave me to a circle of fine arts, but they asked me from there, as well as from the circle of music. Did not grow together with art, apparently the hands do not grow out of there or something else.

So, while I loved the phonetalk with friends and girlfriends, because the Internet was not there then. Only TV (multiple channels) and telephone. Yes, and the book, of course, re-read everything in the parent library (except serious). And every time he spoke on the phone, he drew his squiggles on Science and Life magazine. He drew automatically, without really thinking, almost unconsciously. Surely, many people had such a “disease”, some on napkins, some in a notebook, something they should take their hands on during a conversation. Was it, yes?

Of course, I forgot all about it, and somehowaccidentally, at 25, I remembered and decided to reproduce something similar, so I could not find these written books anymore, it became interesting. He sat down, nakalyakal, and it seemed to have turned out something similar, only already consciously. Then scanned and threw in the photo archive. After almost 10 more years, that is, now, I came across already in the archive and again I remembered everything :) Uh, a long story turned out.

Drawings during a telephone conversation

Drawings during a telephone conversation

This is something like a tree clearly

This is something like a tree and the sun clearly

Drawings during a telephone conversation

Drawings during a telephone conversation

And then a man somewhere pulls a hand

And then a man somewhere pulls a hand

That's what I am. Is everything all right with my head? And then some strange pictures, it is better for psychologists not to show, they won't understand. Especially if I say that there is even a plot there, well, maybe it was, I don’t even remember. Or maybe, on the contrary, I have a talent and it is necessary for 1000 bucks apiece these scribbles to sell, eh? ))

P.S. Do you draw (draw) something like that when you are on the phone? :) Soothe me!

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