Egypt: tips or travel tips

Memo to the tourist or tips on Egypt, callas you wish, I write first of all for myself, so as not to forget. Others also come in handy. I will try not to repeat the main, it has already been written everywhere. I will write that I remember myself. You can also read more about Egypt features.


Before you go there, read about hotels, take some time. There are lots of reviews, for example, here This is especially true for those traveling to 3-4 stars, everything is very different.
There, in reviews of hotels in Egypt, you can find out the real distance to the beach. To some, oh, how important it is. From cheap I can recommend the one in which we were (Cleopatra Tsokos 3 *).

Be sure to bring along a normal mask, throughwhich does not flow water, convenient in general. Otherwise on the spot, masks for $ 5 - you will torment yourself, and rub the gum with a pipe. If the mask is not, then why go to the beach in Egypt?

Take sneakers for walking on corals (it is better not to walk, of course, they are alive), ordinary sports sandals that almost all have koi suit.

Buy a guided tour of Egypt not in the hotel, becausereally cheaper on the street, and in most cases they are no different, then you will go on the same bus. We have done so and are pleased. I even booklet advertising with the cost of excursions in Egypt, priper.

Take a trifle with you, useful on the first day. When the receptionist gave us a number, 4 hours earlier than the set time, we didn’t want to leave the room until he shoved 5 bucks (the next bill was already 100). And if I didn’t have, I don’t even know what to do, only if I give rubles.

Transportation is cheap there, in many places you cango by yourself and on your own schedule. Do not sit all the time on the beach, the country can not be known, at least on the tour ride. You can go to the desert for a walk, you can go to the wild beach, you can drive to the neighboring town.

The cost of excursions in Egypt

Dolphin show - $ 20, swim with dolphins $ 75.
Diving - one dive $ 50, 2 dives $ 75.
Horse riding in the desert - 1 hour 25 $, 2 hours 35 $.
Bedouin dinner - $ 30.
ATVs - 2 hours in the desert, $ 20 one person, $ 25 together.
Color Canyon - jeep safaris, $ 45 walk.
Abu Galum Reserve - jeep safaris, camel rides, swimming $ 50.
Ras Mohamed for cars - $ 30
Monastery of St. Catherine + Dahab + $ 30.
Mountain of moses in egypt (Sinai) - $ 30.
Quads - half a day, mangroves, $ 75 one person, $ 95 two people.
Cairo and the pyramids - $ 50 by bus, 230 by plane.
Jerusalem - 1 day, $ 85.
Ras Mohamed - on the boat, snorkeling, $ 35.
Tiran Island - by boat, snorkeling $ 30.
The boat with a transparent bottom - just a walk, $ 20.
Grand Safari - on cars, color canyon, Monastery of St. Catherine 50 $
Petra - on a boat $ 230, $ 350 by plane.
Luxor - by plane $ 230

Well, sort of like everything. Here are some tips on Egypt ...

P.S. If anything, I do not sell excursions to Egypt :)

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