Excursion to Abu Dhabi in Russian - my review and prices

Since i flew to the UAE on tour (according to the link my review about the tour) and there was little time, it was decided to take 2 sightseeing tours: in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. So you can get a general idea of ​​the Emirates in a short time.

I will definitely come back here on my own (and maybe again with a tour) and will explore some of the sights in more detail and thoughtfully. And now about the tour.

The content of the article

About excursion

All tours in the UAE begin after 11.00 and end late in the evening, at 22.00 - 23.00 hours. And this is not by chance. In order not to waste time in traffic jams and not to irritate tourists, excursions are planned so as not to get into the morning and evening traffic jams, and we appreciated it.

The buses are comfortable, the review is good, the guides are Russian-speaking and well prepared. None of our questions went unanswered.

Okay, Abu Dhabi tour is great.organized - never stood in traffic jams. Guides are great! They give a lot of information not only historical, but also about the traditions, way of life of the local population, the rules of behavior of the guests of the country. The bus is cool and there is free 0.5 l bottled water.

Of course, a lot of information for one day. But now I have an idea about the capital of the UAE and you can plan your next trip to Abu Dhabi.

The price of a sightseeing tour of Abu Dhabi - $ 55, from the tour operator AnexTour, was purchased from a hotel guide. And the tour was buying from Travelata, so the cheapest thing was (my instructions how to buy).

For the first trip, in my opinion, the mostexactly sightseeing tours are suitable to see several of the most basic objects at once for 1 day and see the city. But then it already makes sense, or to take unusual trips on Thripster, or independently visit this or that landmark.

Historical reference

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the capital of the United Arab Emirates. There are seven emirates in total: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Umm al-Quwain, Ras al-Khaimah and Fujairah.

The largest and richest emirate isAbu Dhabi. It occupies 85% of the entire territory of the Emirates, and more than 90% of the oil is also located on the territory of this emirate. But what is interesting is that most of the territory of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is desert! It can be said that all life is focused on the coast of the Persian Gulf.

The state in its present form is less than 50 years old;created December 2, 1971. In general, the history of this state is unique, for 50 years it has traveled from Bedouin tribes to a developed state with the highest standard of living.

Historical ethnographic village

What was the life of the indigenous population of the UAE before the discovery of oil, we saw in the Historical and Ethnographic Village (Heritage Village). It is located on the Corniche Breakwater artificial bulk spit.

There is a small area of ​​Heritage Villagethe museum. And judging by the old photographs in it, the life of the Bedouin tribes in the desert was rather miserable. Huts made of palm leaves, shelters of sheep hides, buildings made of clay and pieces of cloth or branches ... But on the coast, the locals engaged in the extraction and trade of pearls were more prosperous people.

Here you can see the boats on which the pearl catchers floated. Also in the museum presents household items, weapons, jewelry.

Be sure to go to the workshops where youmake leather handbags, weave carpets, forge daggers. And, of course, all this beauty can be bought, but not cheap! Yes, and go down to the beach, where the water of extraordinary beauty and stunning views of the city.

Entrance to the open-air museum is free. The territory is shady with benches and small fountains, there is where to eat, drink tea or coffee. One minus - there were a lot of tourists on our arrival, although in some pics on the Internet it can be seen that there are few people here.

Karnish Embankment

Driving through the city, one thought is spinning in my head- it's fantastic! Especially when traveling along the Corniche Beach. You ask yourself the same question, but there was definitely a desert, and you do not believe your eyes.

For about 10 km along the PersianThe bay has gardens, flower gardens, parks, fountains, playgrounds, bicycle lanes, beautifully equipped beaches. A hose with drip irrigation is supplied to each bush, and this is despite the fact that water in the UAE is desalinated from the Persian Gulf!

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And since Abu Dhabi is on the island, you constantly cross some channels, straits, in a word, it is difficult to convince yourself that you are in the Arabian Peninsula.

Unfortunately, the sightseeing bus is notit stops on the embankment, but it would be good to take a walk here slowly in the evening, when it is not hot. So the photos turned out to be blurry, as they were made from the bus at a speed of 60 km / h.

Сommons.wikimedia / FritzDaCat

Photo by FritzDaCat / Сommons Wikimedia

Lunch at the Bab Al Qasr Hotel 5 *

The five glittering skyscrapers of Etihad Towers against the blue sky just fascinate.

Inside were not, it is impossible to grasp the immenseone excursion! But we learned that the towers are located hotels, offices, boutiques and an observation deck on the 75th floor. Included in the list of places where you have to go to your next visit yourself.

They took a photo and had lunch nearby, at the five-star Bab Al Qasr Hotel

, you can ask the price of rooms. Rested in the cool and well-fed and satisfied went to the main object of our sightseeing tour of Abu Dhabi.

The hotel itself is luxurious, but dinner, I would say, is the mostthe usual: a buffet, the choice of dishes is there, but small, there were generally 2-3 kinds of desserts. In short, the tourists, "spoiled" by the Turkish all inclusive, did not impress the dinner.

Sheikh Zayd's White Mosque

Before going to the White Mosque, a guidegave all women abaya - black closed Arab dress. We wore them over our clothes and black scarves on our heads. Men did not have to change anything in their appearance, it was enough pants and shirts. The main thing is that the clothes reach the ankles.

By the way, at the end of the tour, returning the dress, weWe came to the general opinion that Abaya is very comfortable clothes, thin, easily blown and not hot at all. Moreover, the local population here does not walk on the streets, only by car. And in the premises everywhere air conditioning.

The entrance to the mosque is free, available to people of anycreed But first it is necessary to undergo inspection, as at the airport, and individually answer a number of questions on the monitors. After that, go a long way through the underpass from the inspection zone to the mosque itself.

And here we are in the White Mosque of Sheikh Zayd! It is difficult to describe, of course, we must see it! The size of the mosque, the luxury of decoration, the richness of decoration, evening lights, all this is amazing!

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It was built in 2007, and since 2008 it has been accessible to all comers. Named in honor of the UAE founder Sheikh Zayd.

The mosque is the largest in the Muslim world,the most luxurious. In the decoration of walls and columns used precious stones and gold leaf, chandeliers inlaid with Swarovski crystals, magnificent mosaics on the floor and walls. Well, the world's largest handmade carpet is also here! I wonder how they laid him, so huge ...

I would compare the exits from the underground passages to the parking of our buses with Faberge eggs in beauty.

At the exit from Abu Dhabi we drove Mangrovereserve How nature has created such a miracle, a green oasis in the desert, remains a mystery. The territory is protected by the state, but you can get there with a tour.

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