Experiment - video and insta blogger for a month

There are many I was advised start an Instragram and start a video blog. Well, I decided to try it once again, as there have already been attempts from the video before. Only this time I will consistently upload several videos a week from my current trip. Fortunately, I'm just now moving and visiting new places. What I will then lay out when I return to Moscow, I have no idea, but now is the best time to start. At least during the journey, positive emotions, inspiration, new thoughts and a desire to change something in your life always appear.


My Youtube channel
My Instagram

With Instagram, everything turned out to be quite simple. You can post a photo in it, and she herself will also fast in the group on Facebook. With VKontakte such a thing does not roll, but nothing, you can post it with handles. All the same, initially in two places flooded, so that everything remains also in terms of time.

But with the video more difficult. Removing it and mounting takes more time. Especially if you don’t know what exactly to shoot and do too much unnecessary material. Therefore, I, most likely, will fall a bit out of the text format, that is, here on the blog posts will continue to appear, only less often and they are unlikely to intersect with the video on the topic. I reasoned that on the blog, and so I have mostly informational posts about visiting sights or how to get somewhere, but about the current state of affairs, about emotions, thoughts, what is happening in life now write do not reach. In the video, such sketches are easier to make.

The only point, I'm not at all sure thatIt will be interesting to someone, because beautiful travel videos, when shooting from several cameras and according to a pre-prepared plot, and then a few hours of video footage turn into a couple of minutes of a beautiful video, definitely not my option. Rather, it is just about small sketches, and, not necessarily related specifically to travel. If it goes, well, no, I’ll go back to the text format and think further. I don’t want to do SEO and channel cheating at all, I want to try to shoot just for the reader’s audience, not for search engines. That is, I wanted to make the author’s channel tied to a person, not informational. Otherwise, it will be the same project as the blog, with the same efficiency and taking all the time.

Of course, I have almost no experience in channel management and Instragram, so it’s foolish to count on something serious. Actually, I do not count :) I am interested in checking my guesses regarding"Originality". After all, there are a lot of channels, and someone original almost from the first video crawls into the top, and someone trivial over the years has a small number of views. Suddenly, with regular video filming, can I grope my chip? :) And there already and you can do more seriousthe project. It was also difficult to write on this blog at the very beginning, but then "signed". And now, if the mood is good, then generating the content is not a problem, it is written itself. But it may well be that it is my “text”, not “video”, that’s what we’ll check.

First video

For convenience, the video will go directly tochannel, fasting in the social network and go directly to the mail. That is, you do not need to go to the blog to see what you need to do less per click. But I post the first travel video here. I just filmed here, as we climbed Rosa Pik and walked to the top with a view. Oh, how beautiful it is there.

P.S. You will help me a lot if you tell me what else to make a video about. Maybe you want to know something, I can tell you. I don’t understand what you can shoot about if you don’t make informational videos. :) Plus, the brain is somehow under the text already sharpened.

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