A quick way to quit smoking is our personal experience.

July is remarkable for me becauseit was at this time that he smoked his last cigarette. Exactly 8 years have passed since then and I do not regret anything. In fact, I didn’t have the thought to share this experience with you, but just recently an insight came to me, which can be characterized by the phrase - “It is easy to give what we really want to do,” and quitting smoking was for me the best example for confirmation of this.

The quickest way to quit smoking - Oleg

I barely found a photo with a cigarette - the coast of the Gulf of Finland

I barely found a photo with a cigarette - the coast of the Gulf of Finland

I smoked for 7 years and smoked about a pack inday. Perhaps it will seem like a short time to someone, but I can say that this is enough to make him feel healthy. I already had shortness of breath and cough in the morning. But what a buzz started somewhere in six months (after I quit), when I started to smell? I remember walking down the street, and I just can’t understand why oranges smell so much. It turns out in 20 meters from me a man goes and drinks orange juice. The world is right played with new colors :) There are a lot more advantages, but I will not paint them; there is enough propaganda.

So how do you do this? For me, the answer was very simple - you really need to want this. It's enough! Do not think up why it is good for health, or for some other motivation, namely, to want to get rid of the habit, to want to stop doing it, to make the process stop bringing pleasure.

It seems to me that many can not stop smokingjust because they don't really want it. It seems to be necessary, but it seems that I still like it. As a former smoker, I can say that I was not affected by the pictures of black lungs or the statistician of cancerous tumors, as I liked, like many others, the process of letting out smoke, the process of “sit and smoke”. But when I really wanted to quit, the result was not long in coming - I quit smoking in one day. And I can not say that it was wildly difficult, everything turned out by itself. Although I tried to this point several times, but without success, since there was no valid reason.

So in my experience, just wanting to, and in fact this is the most difficult ... However, not only with smoking, but also with a lot of things in life - even with traveling.

The quickest way to quit smoking is Daria

Mad Youth in France

Mad Youth in France

Yes, yes, I also smoked earlier, and not just Oleg, andalso 7 years old. True, we were then not familiar and smoked-thrown separately, not knowing about each other. And, by the way, my way to get rid of this addiction is completely different, since I could not do it all in one day, but I did not set myself such a task. I'll tell you in order.

I certainly thought that smoking is harmful,but always drove those thoughts away from me. Until one day, a friend of mine (a medical student) invited me to a special room called ala Kunst Camera, where I saw mutilated babies in flasks with signatures on how much their parents drank and smoked. This was the first serious bell.

And once in a difficult moment of life, I hadthe urge to change your life and, in particular, to quit smoking. In order to deceive myself a little, I did not make a final and irrevocable decision, but simply decided to try not to smoke for 1-2-3 days on an increasing basis, declaring a bonus in the form of an opportunity to smoke if I succeed in observing this rule. That is, I did not say to myself, “I quit,” but simply checked how long I could last without a cigarette. It took about two weeks to reduce the “dose” to zero, after which I realized that, in principle, it was possible to live like that.

P.S. Quit smoking, it is not fashionable! Ida is better travel with us :)

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