Features of renting a house in Krabi - the beach, weather, prices, shops

Once we spent the winter in Krabi, therefore this post appeared, in which we will talk about local peculiarities of renting housing in Krabi. Be sure to first read my instructions - how to rent a house in thailandin which I tell everything you need to know when you want to rent a house on your own on the spot or through an intermediary in advance.

The content of the article

Beach selection

The most popular among touristsThe coast is located near Krabi town. This is a line of beaches, stretching from east to west from Aonammao to Klong Muang. Actually, the whole infrastructure of the resort, as well as a poor choice of residential houses and villas, are concentrated there. Speech about the village of Ao Nang.

There are no private houses on the shore, they are all located2-4 kilometers from the sea. Therefore, when choosing a house on a longstea, if possible, do not become attached to the distance from the beach, because it will be either not pedestrian access, or conditionally foot. Still, 20 minutes in the heat on foot is not suitable for everyone. In general, if you still want to walk, then you need to look for houses near the mosque, there all the main complexes are concentrated. Your beach in this case is Ao Nang Beach.

Season in Krabi

From May to October, monsoon rains are watered, thenA couple of months you can observe cloudy and more or less stable weather, although the rain has not been canceled. From January to April - the golden time, when the province is crowded with tourists, vacationers.

If you are going to longstay, then most likelybinding your departure will not be to the monsoons, but to the weather in Russia and a double-entry tourist visa. To return back to the relatively warm season, you need to start as late as possible, ideally - November. You will be able to rent a house upon arrival this month, but it will be a hut on the outskirts of civilization or a simple but very expensive house. The same house, only three months earlier, will cost two times cheaper, many winterkeepers understand this, so the peak of the reservation starts in August.

What types of housing is there in Krabi

Unlike the same Samui, where they offer anytype of housing, Krabi is still in the stage of coarse customization for the client. The main orientation of the infrastructure and housing base of the resort is for a short-term tourist. Hotels, many guesthouses and a very small selection of private houses and resorts for those who have chosen Krabi for wintering. For example, my base houses in Krabi covers about 80% of all housing.

Frequent problem of houses in Krabi - lacknormal cuisine. This could be either an extension to the house, or an extra sink and a small area allotted in the house so that you can slice your sandwiches or heat up the food in the microwave. New, newly built houses already have a full-fledged kitchen area with furniture and equipment, but their price tag may be higher.

The apartments in Ao Nang are counted: in the center of Ao Nang and in Klong Muang.

If you are traveling to Thailand for the first time, thenI recommend to book a house or apartment in advance. This is done only through a realtor. Yes, they are not engaged in the cheapest housing and take a commission, but this allows you to avoid unnecessary trouble in an unfamiliar country. Believe me, independent searches on the site is a difficult task and it is not worth it. You're going to rest.

Send me a request, advise a trusted realtor, whom I myself trust. And then in recent times a lot has become a scam.

Send request>

The cost of houses in Krabi

I will not take into account very very simpleconditions that are not acceptable to everyone. The average price tag for Krabi for a house with a kitchen is within 15,000-20000 baht. For a house without a kitchen will be asked an average of 10-12 thousand baht. You can look for budget housing cheaper than 10 thousand, but there are few such houses in Krabi, and these are options for singles or carefree.

The lower price limit I’ve met is 5000Baht for a studio room without air conditioning in the "Thai apartment", a long building, divided into sections, like garages in Russia. And I also saw something similar, which looks like an ordinary house, but it has 3 rooms and each one is rented for an individual family. The upper limit that I came across in the search process - 65,000 per month, a luxury villa, the price hung on the ad.

Prestigious and not very districts

There is no obvious housing shortage in Krabidivisions into areas more or less prestigious. It is clear that next to the gravel pit, at home less attractive from the point of view of the tenant, but oddly enough, such a neighborhood has little effect on the rental price. Hotels, in most cases, put on the coast; expensive villas are initially built far from inconvenient objects, but from the rest we have to choose based on personal priorities. Proximity to the sea, to shopping, to a good beach, away from people or from the road.


Oddly enough, but the geographical location andthe ability to get water from the hefty Krabi River does not always guarantee a central water supply. The mass of buildings in Krabi is equipped with plastic containers and electric pumps that provide water to the house. They, and also a pickup truck, which you have to regularly call. So, immediately find out from the owner how you get water in the house and how much this pleasure costs.


The sea is always close, if you are by car. As in any ordinary resort, the entire infrastructure of the Krabi beaches is located in close proximity to the sea. As I said in the very first point - you will not find a private house in a minute walk from the sea. All the houses are located further, and together with the fact that there are no hypermarkets in Ao Nang, you will need a car (how to rent a car) or scooter for rent (bike rental in Krabi). And if so - then the distance to the sea for you will always be no more than 5-10 minutes away.

In Ao Nang there is only one Tesco mediumsizes and it is within walking distance if you live in the village itself. In most cases, you will have enough of it, and if not, you will need to go to Krabi town in Big CI, large Tesco or Macro. There are also moving markets (each day of the week is different), but they will not always be within walking distance.


There is such a feature of the resort Krabi - heoccupies a large section of the mainland. The distances here are decent and just so walk from home to Macro - will not work. Despite the availability of minibuses that run in the resort, if your plans to stay here for longsts, and even with your family, it is much more convenient to rent or buy a bike / car. Assortment of the average Tesco and food markets will not always suffice, and if you want to get, for example, in Macro Krabi, you will have to go 15 kilometers, and in Big C - almost 25 km.

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