Fishing on the Volga

The beautiful nature of the mighty Volga delta, flocksbirds, countless channels, mighty bursts of large fish in the reed beds, real water jungles and fishing itself, which is breathtaking - this is heaven on Earth. The beauty of the pristine nature of the Astrakhan region can not be described in words. In late July, the lotus blooms here. The Caspian lotus fields are the largest in the world. This is a true miracle of nature, this you will not see anywhere else.

Fishing season in the peals and in the Volga deltaLasts all year round. Take the richworth boilies with you and go to take your soul for at least a couple of days. Large fish is especially well caught in April-May and from July to October. But the concept of "small" fish for Astrakhan is quite decent specimens up to 0.5 kilograms. More than 70 species of fish live here.

The most cherished Volga trophy is catfish. He quite successfully caught from April to November. There are instances of more than 100 kg. But in order to overcome such a powerful catch, you need to have good gear, for example, Daiwa, and know certain rules. Another pride of the Volga waters is a carp chained in armor of large scales. You can catch this powerful handsome from mid-April to active flood.

Spinning favorite fish - perch - in the mostVolga and ducts just great abundance. The height of trophy fishing in April and October-November. Another desirable trophy of the spinningist is the asp, which “fills up” here by the fall the weight to 9 kg. It is caught since April. 10-12 kg pike is a common thing. It is caught best in reed beds. Striped perch on sandbanks in August are collected in many thousands of flocks, but generally caught almost all year round. On the bottom there is a fat bream weighing yes 3 kg. In the overgrown floodplain lakes, there is a thick-skinned muddy tench, which is a pleasure to catch. Grab the bite warning device for carp fishing to catch with two fishing rods, but in general it is sometimes difficult to catch one.

Fishing on the Volga is good for everyone. It is suitable only for romantics who want to sit in peace and quiet and enjoy the bored float. For more than 5-10 minutes, a dragonfly will not sit on your float even on an unfinished place, you will not succeed in dreaming. And if you feed, then catch 2 fishing rods just will not succeed. In an hour, there will be any fish in the net.

And the famous Caspian soup with a smoke issomething indescribable. A fishing bonfire in the evening is holy. Here is the true fishing fraternity. Days on the Volga fly like a flash. And the only thing you regret is that the rest is over, and it is a great pity to leave. There is no such person who, having visited the vast expanse of the Volga stretches, having seen sunsets and dazzles of indescribable beauty, would not have dreamed of returning to this fairy tale again.

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