Going on a trip - 5 resorts in Thailand, meeting with readers, Vipassana

Honestly, I wasn't going to Thailand right now, but I had a free couple of months, so I urgently need to go to Thailand to collect new information and update the old one. And then the trip last year due to the illness of my son Egor passed in terms of work is useless and it is impossible to postpone for another year, otherwise the gap in fact will turn out in 2 years. At the same Ko Chang, I have not been to year 4, and the island has changed.

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So, my approximate route.

Bangkok - Koh Chang - Pattaya (?) - Samui - Phangan - Phuket - Krabi - Lanta (?) - Hua Hin (?)

5 main resorts (the rest is questionable)and everything about everything I have about 2 months. Somewhere I need to make an overview of the beaches, somewhere just go around the resort and update the information in my head (shops, roads, changes), visit sights somewhere, somewhere all at once. I’m not sure that I’ll make it right, because from experience, a non-stop race is rather tiring, so I’ll be in time, I’ll be in time. But then the material should be enough for a year, I hope :)

Air tickets as usually monitored by Skyscanner. One of two search engines where I watch tickets. It happens, however, that the price becomes obsolete in the search results, but you still need to check it anyway, going to travel agencies websites. But they have a very convenient calendar of low prices, much more convenient than in other services.

I will mostly move by car and myselfby public transport. Here I have not yet decided how best. Most likely, long hauls on the plane, and short by car. Although it was tempting to take the car for 2 months immediately and only move on it. But one driving from the same Bangkok to Phuket / Samui is quite hard to drive. More precisely, 800 km is not difficult to drive, it is difficult to do it quickly and without being distracted, because while you are riding a seal on a bus, you can thin out photos, post something in Instragram and even sit down to work. Well, the plane saves time so well.

Thailand wait for me!

Thailand wait for me!

I arrive in Bangkok and will fly away, or againfrom Bangkok or from Phuket. Specially did not buy a return ticket to buy it when I finish the case, or if circumstances suddenly force you to leave. Like, for example, I left Sochi when Yegor got sick. By the way, I haven’t bought a ticket to Tai either, but I’m flying right the other day, I sit watching tickets. So here I am, all spontaneous :) But in general in terms of travel irrationalit's hard for people, it's impossible to plan anything in advance. There were tickets Moscow-Bangkok one way from Aeroflot, that is, a direct flight, for only 15 thousand rubles (!). It's a shame that I prodinam them. They quickly left. Now here is the same 30 thousand worth ... It looks like you have to fly some FlyDubai or Qatar with a change of 10 hours. I had a crazy idea to test Aeroflot business class (it starts from 96 thousand rubles), but I haven’t been able to figure out how I’ll stop these costs :) Although, of course, I want to get this experience, so that someday I will.

By the way, I applied for a Thai visa in Moscow in the old manner unpaid ticket bookings to check whether this feature is still working. Traditionally I do this every year. My updated post about obtaining a Thai visa in Moscowread the link all nuances. In short, unpaid armor is still rolled. A visa, by the way, is now issued for free.


I signed up for Vipassana from December 31st to 7thJanuary on Koh Samui to the center of Deepabhavan. I wanted to try this practice for a long time. And it’s very symbolic to do it right on the New Year, while everyone drinks champagne and eats Olivier. Anyway, the New Year as a holiday is not very interesting for me, and now I don’t have to think about where to stick.

If someone does not know, then I will needmeditate for 7 days in a row, live all this time without a phone, a computer, and not talking to anyone. I wonder if it will turn out for me, a man who is completely drowned online, to disconnect from the outside world for so long.

Meet the readers

If in these resorts, there will be some of myreaders, I will be glad to meet you somewhere on the beach, or just sit in a cafe. Also I will not mind a company ride on one or other attractions. True, I can not say anything in advance about the dates. The whole trip will be from mid-December to early-mid-February. In December, I will be in Koh Chang, and in the New Year's region I will come to Koh Samui and Phangan, where I will stay for a couple of weeks.

In groups in social networks (VKontakte, Facebook), as well as in your personal Instagram, I will constantly post where I am and much further, subscribe! And in the same place we can arrange a meeting :) Although it may be on the blog also announce.

Daria and Egor

Perhaps someone will ask whyDaria and Yegor did not go with me. The fact is that Daria has long wanted to try living in Moscow without fail, including winter, in order to redo some things. Moreover, this time a long wintering is not yet possible, and there is no sense in shaking Yegor for 2 months in Tai, the climate change is too abrupt. And now is not the best time to travel - the peak season, it is difficult to find normal housing. Although there may be plans will change, and then they will arrive in 3-4 months.

P.S. Something like this :)

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