We are going on the road competently

The upcoming trip, far or near,pleasant or not, often confuses a person. How to properly assemble on the road? What needs to be taken, and what is not vital along the way? I often have to make long or short trips related to work activities and not only. I would like to share my many years of experience and observations. I hope they will help the novice voyager. One famous person very fairly noted: “To leave is to die a little”.

Natural excitement before the unknown, butoften even stress, prevent a potential passenger from concentrating on fees. After all, the inexorably approaching time of departure, at the same time combined with a complete lack of readiness for it, leads to a poor traveler panic or, on the contrary, a stupor, which is basically equally bad.

Undoubtedly, ideally, it would be nice to drive around on whitelight at all without burdening suitcases, or, at worst, with a light case in hand. In general, the modern level of service gives people the opportunity to make even long trips with only one plastic card in their pocket. And if you have already managed to earn a decent capital, then you can afford such an “easy” way - you can truly rejoice for you.

The rest, whose motto is “minimumbaggage - maximum comfort ”, it is recommended to start with making a list in any case. It may be longer or shorter, depending on the purpose of the trip. If this is a working trip, do not forget to include documents here and all that, for the sake of what you are going on the road. And if you are going to rest as it should be, then the more active your rest is, the longer the list will be. Namely, you may need a flashlight, sunscreen, a tent, flippers or skis, well, and so on ...

Great if you know about the trip in advance. Then you can pre-start to make a list, by the method of sudden insight: remember - recorded. However, if you have just returned from work, and you need to get ready for the night train, then you should take a pencil and a piece of paper, sit in a comfortable chair, calm down and mentally imagine: first completely your intended way on the road, then at least one day lived on arrival at the place.

This business has its own strategy, just likeeconomists have certain trading strategies, lawyers have defense and prosecution strategies, etc. So, the principle of making the list is as follows. Here you mentally enter the compartment of the car. It would be nice to change clothes. So, write down - a comfortable suit and slippers. Farther. You put the luggage and sat down near the window. Now is the time to drink tea. Write down - favorite cup with a spoon. Waking up in the morning, go to the bathroom and toilet. Write - a towel. And so on. It does not hurt that the things chosen on the road are light and multifunctional.

What does it mean? Take these slippers, in which you can not only stomp along a coupe or a room, but also freely stand under a shower in a hotel. It would be better to abandon your adorable, but heavy porcelain mug and temporarily use a light plastic if this is not so important for you. A very useful thing on a business trip is a boiler. Take with you even such trifles as a corkscrew, a knife, a needle and thread, and the like, so as not to ask them later from the neighbors. Of course, if you are not going to use such a reason for dating. This, however, is a completely different story.

So, the list is compiled. You can start packing, but first one little secret. Pull out the cardboard bottom from the bottom of the bag and lay a sheet of polyethylene at the bottom. This is protection from puddles, drifts and damp. Before you put the cardboard back, make a neat cut along the edge of the shell with a blade. In the created secret place the amount of money sufficient to purchase in case of emergency return ticket. This will give a sense of confidence and security. It will be joyful to recall that stash, safely returning home.

Begin packaging with things thatwill be needed only upon arrival. And then you will see that at the very top will be the items needed in the near future. Try to put soft things and clothes on the inside of the bag, so as not to injure yourself with sharp corners while walking. Side pockets are best used for cosmetics and toiletries, scanwords, pens with a notebook.

Be sure to collect the first aid kit! I suppose everyone knows his weak points very well. Therefore, take the most necessary at your discretion.

Take care of roaming your phone in advance if necessary.

By the way! Have you accidentally lost sight of your toothbrush? This insidious thing quite often manages to stay at home.

Yes, still, I almost forgot it - in any case, do not throw away your list! You'll see - a little time will pass, and again it will be needed.

Well, everyone seems to have gathered. Sat down on the track ...

Bon Voyage! And may your voyage be easy and enjoyable!

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